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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Top Ten Favorite YouTubers (2016 Edition)

....and I'm back with an update of my old list of YouTubers. Granted, it's been only five months since my last YouTuber list, but in internet time five months is closer to the Jurassic Era than it is to today so it's time for an update. 

Since I've been taking more of a break from anime, I've been devoting that time to my other hardcore otaku hobby: Playing guitar. And YouTube is pretty helpful when it comes to helping poor schmucks like me know what to look for in the world of guitars and gear. It's not all just guitar wizards playing insane scales here, though. If anything, it's more about learning about effects and what goes into guitars and so on. So some of these recommendations may be boring as hell to you, but to me they are fascinating and educating. 

Of course, these YouTubers may not all be guitar-related since that isn't a criteria for my list, but considering the kick I'm on they pretty much are just to keep in the spirit of things. 

So let's kick things off with number ten:

10) Tina S - This girl is the definition of prodigy and she's a better guitarist at her age than most professionals are right now. Of course, her cover of Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames should be enough to cause a person to foam at the mouth out of envy. Just fantastic stuff. 

09) The Tone King - If you like learning about gear (and who doesn't?) then the Tone King is definitely a name to look up. One of his videos taught me how to change strings on my Floyd Rose-equipped Jackson. It's an informative channel, no frills. 

08) Phil Jakes - This guy plays fingerstyle versions of rock classics like nobody's business. His videos look a bit lo-fi, but he kills it on guitar. I'm still shocked that this guy hasn't had something go viral. He's really, really good. 

07) Jared Dines - Dines, the Lord of Djent, does guitar gear demos as well as comedic routines on his videos. He also plays guitar against himself sometimes. 

06) Rob Scallon - Perhaps one of the most insane men to ever pick up a stringed instrument, whether that be a shovel or a guitar, Rob Scallon really goes where few guitarists have gone before. Even going so far as to play heavy metal in a dentist's office. He also played Flight of the Bumblebee using only open strings. Fun stuff. 

05) Leo Moracchioli - Leo from Frog Leap Studios makes covers in different styles. His older videos have him covering rock songs in an acoustic style, but his newer ones have him converting pop and hip-hop into heavy metal goodness. He plays all of his instruments, shoots his own videos, edits them, and mixes them. The end product is always amazing. He literally makes pop songs better. Check him out. 

His cover of Adele's Hello is also one of the best covers I have ever heard: 

04) WillsEasyGuitar - This guy makes guitars by hand and he shows you how to make them by hand. If you order one he makes it in whatever color you want. You can always go to for more info. The amount of time he puts into his work is amazing. I don't plan on ever building a guitar, but I'd buy one of his. He truly cares about his work. So go check out his videos and learn a bit about the process of making guitars by hand. 

03) Rob Chapman - Rob Chapman is the lead singer of a band called Dorje and the founder of Chapman guitars. He got a sweet guitar model called the Ghost Fret that I really want. He's also got a YouTube channel where he demos gear for U.K.'s Andertons and he also spitballs about all sorts of stuff in his own vlogs. He once made a half hour video where he changed the strings on his guitar and just talked about random stuff the entire time. That might be boring to some, but to me it was just neat. 

02) 331Erock - The man otherwise known as Eric Calderone wears a smile in every video while killing it on guitar with his "Meets Metal" series. He even dresses up every now and then while he does it. Because, you know, real men can cosplay while play guitar. 

01) Ryan "Fluff" Bruce - The internet's guitar gear guy. At least as far as I am concerned. Anytime I want to hear about a new amplifier or a new pedal this is the guy I go to. He may be a bit too "techie" for some people, but he knows his stuff. He also mixes Rob Scallon's stuff and sometimes pals around with Jared Dines for some amusing videos. 

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  1. I listened to the Spoonman cover and that was good. The Jew's harp was a pretty cool addition. I'll have to check out that site. Haven't had a chance to listen to the others yet.