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Monday, August 10, 2015

Dr. Slump, Vol. 2 by Toriyama Akira

I admit I feel completely silly giving this series a review. There just isn't a lot to go on in terms of story so far. That isn't a bad thing since this series is really a bunch of comedic shorts, but the problem is giving an adequate review of each entry that says anything other than a copy and paste of my review of the first volume.

But I shall try.

The biggest shakeup in this entry as far as story goes is that Norimaki Senbei got his hair cut too short. Shocking development for so early in the series. His look just isn't the same. 

Of course, there is a multi-chapter story about Bubibinman, the defender of justice and peace from space. Bubibinman comes to earth in hopes of impressing the earthlings, but he's shocked to discover a certain young robot girl that is far stranger than him. And no, I'm not talking Android 18.

And then there's the epic story arc that features the bankrobber that has the misfortune of running into Arale at every turn. When he takes her hostage not once but twice he's the one that ends up running to the police for help both times. 

And that is as much as I can glean from this volume. Any more and this whole volume is spoiled. 

This series is incredibly silly and that's a great thing. It's almost as if Monty Python were a manga and as with Python you either get it or you don't. Those that get it are richly rewarded with laughs and those that don't... Well, I'll just have to put down their names in my Death Note. 

If there is a "flaw" with this entry (or the previous one) it would be that of the pacing. There really isn't any pacing at all. Each skit just kind of flows along, but there's no real continuation or suspense or anything like that. It's all just a bunch of brilliantly drawn poop and boob jokes that would be just as funny out of order as in. 

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