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Friday, July 31, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite YouTubers

YouTube is an internet wasteland that can literally kill hours of time. Planning on mowing your lawn? Not if you want to catch at least three different reviews of Room 237 you won't. YouTube can kill your life so some moderation is necessary. However, there are some folks to whom I will gladly give my time of day. So without further delay, I give you my top ten favorite YouTubers: 

10. Gordo Drummer - It's one thing to be an excellent street drummer using only a couple of buckets, but it's another to include bucket drumming lessons for aspiring bucket drummers. Because, you know, who needs a thousand dollar set when you can be John Bonham using just what you can find in your garage?

9. 2CELLOS - Two guys with cellos playing modern pop/rock music in riveting videos. There are lots of good covers from them, but I chose this one to represent them because I loved the video and since this is a YouTube list I thought visuals should be important, too. I can't stand Michael Jackson, but I do like their rendition of this song.

8. mukuchi chan - Yes, it's anime time. Unfortunately, mukuchi chan doesn't post videos very often. At least not on her own channel. It's sometimes hard to tell because cosplaying as Nagato and playing guitar is a popular thing. It's tough to know whether she is elsewhere on YouTube or not. But her anime theme covers really look effortless.

7. Camille and Kennerly - The Harp(ie) Ladies? (Sorry, anime referencing again... but hey, this is that kind of blog after all.) Two women kicking ass on harps while covering the likes of Iron Maiden. Up the harps, motherfuckers!

6. Phil Jakes - I like it when the more obscure works of Sabbath are recognized, but when it's in a low-key setting and on an acoustic guitar? It's like this guy is playing just for me. Does that sound creepy? It's like this dude just says "Fuck yeah, I'm playing rock on an acoustic guitar!" only he says it really, really quietly. His other covers are equally impressive.

5. Sungha Jung - A wise man once said that whatever you can do some Asian guy can probably do much better. This is certainly the case with me and my vain efforts to master guitar. He has videos dating back five years that just blow me away. His YouTube channel serves as a way of watching him grow up... which is weird in a way, but also cool. The mofo's talented.

4. Nostalgia Critic - The guy who remembers so you don't have to. He does some pretty good reviews about some pretty bad or unlikable movies and he's usually spot on, too. Other times I kind of disagree when I see him list a movie I actually liked, but he always makes some valid points. He's possibly the only YouTuber that can make me watch an hour and a half long review. At his best he can make reviews of movies seem more entertaining than the movies themselves and when he isn't at his best he can still make a pretty funny video. His review of The Shining miniseries is a great one and worth watching despite its forty minute runtime. 

3. Rob Scallon - Nothing is sacred to Rob Scallon. Whether it's taking an eight string guitar and using it to play original light progressive rock or using a banjo to dish out some satanic Slayer riffs, Scallon does it all. He also plays a lot of metal in inappropriate places. But here he plays a simple Metallica song backwards. Or forwards and backwards. Well, technically he has both a forwards backwards cover and a backwards forwards cover... So, yeah. Watch both of them. 

2. Leo Moracchioli - This guy plays all of his instruments, shoots his own videos, and arranges some kickass metal from songs that aren't really metal to begin with. He sometimes plays his daughter's instruments, too. Because a three foot guitar can be metal. 

1. 331erock - This guy always smiles while playing guitar. Always. He generally takes songs that aren't metal to begin with and puts his own twist on them. Of course, that isn't unique to this list, but he also plays a lot of anime-related material. Not to mention the Attack On Titan theme song. And yeah, that's probably why he's number one. I'm biased. He's a got a lot of good choices in cover material, though. Worthy enough to actually, you know, buy. 

Did I miss anyone? Yeah, I guess so. YouTube is a huge and unmined resource. It's impossible to completely explore it. But here's another video to kickstart your journey just because I'm a nice guy: 


  1. These look good. I'll check them out.

    The smiling guitar player reminds me of the bass player in Drive-By Truckers. This video is from when they were on Conan and every time I've seen this guy play, he is smiling.;eyJ0eXBlIjoidGFnIiwiaWQiOjEyMjN9

    1. I'm a bit behind on a reply, but I never really could figure out how it was possible to smile and play guitar at the same time. Seems just easier to either grimace or squint like I'm trying to concentrate really hard. I think it's just a natural trait some people have.