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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tiffany Vollmer Knows How to Sonic

Not going to lie about it. Working in the fast food industry is pretty shitty. Really shitty. Basically, at this point I'm just accepting a paycheck because I just don't give a damn anymore about it. When I was sick for a week and a half I was even considering not even coming back at all. After three years in the same place I'm basically over it. 

Yet something strange happened not too long after I came back from my convalescence. I have no earthly idea what strange powers drive this world or why one of the voices of my childhood would even be associated with Sonic Drive-In, but I am nonetheless grateful for one particular day. 

I have no idea what she was doing there at my place of work, but Tiffany Vollmer was there doing some kind of computer stuff. Who is Tiffany Vollmer? Well, she was the voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z for the English Funimation dubs. 

She'd been there one day before I found out who she was and I was kind of pissed because nobody had told me. It's not that I didn't think that she looked familiar, but it's just... Who the hell would expect someone like that in a place where schmucks like me work? I guess no one knew, but if she hadn't walked up and told me herself who she was I would have been kicking myself for a long time afterwards. For a decade, at least. 

Had I known I might have brought a card from home for her to sign. I had nothing on me, though. I was also busy as shit and couldn't properly nerd the fuck out.

Anyway, Tiffany Vollmer drew this and signed it for me. I imagine my boss had an idea or two of what she could put on there, too. Later on I saw that "saiyen" wasn't spelled right. It should be "saiyan."

I'm not tripping too hard over that, though. I'm incredibly grateful. I don't meet cool people and it seems the only way I can get autographs is to pay for them.

Folks, Tiffany Vollmer is awesome. I miss her as the voice of Bulma. No disrespect to Monica Rial or any of the other actresses, but Vollmer is the English voice of Bulma for me.

It sometimes really does pay to be an otaku. Literally. I was on the clock while getting an autograph. That will never happen again.

Thanks, Tiffany Vollmer. My awesomeness level is highly questionable. Tiffany Vollmer's is not, though.


  1. You never know when an unexpected cool thing can happen.

    You will probably never be called Mr Awesome McAwesomeness again.

    1. That's actually something I scribbled on an old name tag a while back and swore I'd wear out in public just for giggles. I posted it to Facebook and it just kind of took off. Same thing for the "King of Jacobia" thing. Nicknames I create to kind of poke fun at myself or exaggerate my own importance have grown a life of their own, it seems. I get called "Jacobia" rather frequently.