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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Queen's Blade Rebellion (Kuīnzu Bureido Riberion)

Masochism, boobies, tentacles, overpowered female warriors, and the overstimulation of certain body parts of said warriors thanks to electrical current from tentacle-like devices. Yep, I'm talking about Queen's Blade: Rebellion. In a way it is exactly what I expected, but in another way it is something else entirely.

The third entry in this ridiculously over the top series is a fairly big departure from the previous entries thanks to there not being an actual queen's blade tournament. The cast is also entirely different. The only thing that is the same is that there are plenty of boobies and white viscous substances. While the new characters aren't really a step back it is tough to seriously call these characters as good as the ones they are essentially replacing.

Since the plot of this series is virtually nonexistent, even more so for this series since the queen's blade is gone, it is tough to keep on watching while trying to acquaint with all of these new and relatively pointless characters. Whatever fights that take place seem very happenstance. There wasn't a lot of build up to the fights and when they did happen they were slightly underwhelming. There's also very little episode-to-episode tension. Granted, the previous entries are not the standard by which fighting anime should be measured, but it shouldn't seem that difficult to at least match that. The standard of the series is incredibly low when it comes plot, but in that regard Queen's Blade: Rebellion still comes up short. 

I cannot fathom that, but that is the case here. 

The one thing that really hurt this series was the lack of the previous cast. The series had managed to have a decent enough cast of characters by the end of the second series. Much like these new characters a lot of them started out with little personality and purpose, but over time the old characters did at least develop into interesting characters. What little plot there was was at least enough to push the story forward and their background information was unique and diverse enough to warrant some attachment. 

Queen's Blade: Rebellion destroys all of that and decides to try its own hand at creating some new and endearing characters. While I can't say it fails miserably I will say that it doesn't succeed. The new main heroine Annelotte Kreutz seems too much like a Leina-lite at the start. I was willing to give this some time to build, but by the time she did become something interesting and unique her transformation was not only bizarre but also unexplained. After watching all 12 episodes I am left wondering exactly what the reason for watching all of that was. 

Not only was my patience not rewarded, but the ending was also incredibly disappointing because it took us seemingly back to square one. I am left saying to myself, "Nothing at all really fucking happened." 

One of the few saving points of this series is the inevitable appearance of some of the original cast. However, the original cast has been remade a bit and they featured only in cameos with the exception of Ymir and Elina. 

So... boobs. This anime has boobs. That's all. I don't think this anime (or any anime) are worth watching because of boobes. 

It's hard to believe that an anime would make me actually miss how good Queen's Blade was, but Queen's Blade: Rebellion does the trick. 

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