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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Otaku House Presents "The Ginger Twilight Zone"

You've been here before. Sure, you have. Wait, no, I'm not trying to claim that you've stepped into a Stephen King novel, but I am saying that one of my blogs has mysteriously vanished only to reappear in a spot where it once had been. The Ginger Twilight Zone is an area where I discuss things that aren't Otaku-related, but my attempt to create a blog solely for such times was a bit of a misfire. The page views just didn't warrant it for me. So it's back here to stay. This time I've included a nifty "The Ginger Twilight Zone" tag on all such posts. So check the tags. 

This actually kind of works better for me because I don't have to choose topics that fit a certain mold. I can just let loose, providing I have the appropriate tags for the appropriate posts. 

Think of this as Cartoon Network and Adult Swim sharing the same channel even though they are two separate entities. Two blogs on one blog. 

A few posts have vanished into the ether, but I've more or less chosen for them to go away. Not that I'm a fan of revisionist history, but I'm also not a fan of wasting cyberspace. Meaningful posts are my goal and some posts have just lost their meaning for me. However, they haven't been deleted. I still have access to them. They've merely been taken off of my blog and are currently unavailable to the public. 

Any original stories and some such are no longer here. I just felt it was time to take them off. Although my fanfiction story still remains here and probably will for a while.

I suppose I never should have created two different websites in the first place if I was just going to smush them back together again, but I felt it was worth it to give it the ole college try. It didn't work out for me, but it was worth trying. 

This just means that my primary and sole website will be busier than ever and that will be a good thing. 

Also, a lot of older posts will be undergoing an overhaul. Many of them are either outdated or in dire need of a complete deconstruction. Recently, I revised a Marilyn Manson list and that won't be the last one. No timetable for this thing. Just a warning. So if you read a post that has completely different contents than it used to then you don't need to feel like you're going crazy because the post probably has completely different contents. 

Thanks for reading this P.S.A. 

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