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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Loss List Part II

A while back I made a list of the most devastating football losses I'd had the opportunity to witness. This was back in 2011, actually. Now it is 2015 and I have a few more to add. You can find the old list here

I suppose that I was inspired to make another list after witnessing the Packers dissolve against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. Packers fans are probably still in shock and will be for quite some time, but they aren't the only ones to watch their team cough one up on one of the biggest of stages. Especially to the Seahawks. 

So let's make a list, shall we?

  • Super Bowl XLVIII - When the Colts lost their Super Bowl to the Saints I was devastated. I still hate the damn Saints to this day because of it. However, the Colts were competitive in that game. The Colts were in it and probably should have won it if not for the fact that they just got outcoached. The onside kick right after halftime is especially memorable. The interception was another thing that I got to see endlessly replayed. That loss was bad. The loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, though... Peyton Manning's third Super Bowl can't even be described with words. I still cannot fathom this Super Bowl. I just wonder from time to time how the fuck it happened. This wasn't just a bad game, but one of the ugliest games I'd ever seen. I couldn't even blog about this one and I still don't like talking about it. I don't hate the Seahawks, though. I just hate the game. 
  • 2013 Iron Bowl - It's known as the Kick Six because of the infamous final play. A missed field goal returned for a game winning touchdown is probably one of the more shocking ways to lose a game, but it's all the more shocking when overtime was within easy reach. Alabama is notorious for terrible field goal attempts, but this one was an insane distance. Just go to overtime. That's all they had to do. Maybe they still would have lost, but there's no way I could trust our kickers to win the game from that distance. Something terrible could have happened and so of course something terrible did happen. Sure, no one probably could guess the kick would have been taken back for six, but... That's just the way the ball bounces sometimes. The following loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl didn't sting anywhere near as much as this one. 
  • 2015 Sugar Bowl - Alabama were up 21-6 at one point. It was unfortunately a short-lived moment where the right ending was in sight and actually possible. I could practically see us winning the game and putting Urban Meyer out of his misery. We were going to whip their ass. Yet Ohio State buckled down and rose to the occasion and made me remember just how much frustration Blake Sims had caused me over the course of the year. The pick 6 that put Ohio State up by a score of 34-21 made me turn the TV off and go to bed. It was written on the wall for me and when I found out the score the next day it didn't surprise me at all. Truly a disappointment. 
  • 2012 Texas A&M at Alabama - This game made me hate Johnny Manziel. If not for a set of miracles that revived our chances at a National Championship this game would have been the end of our hopes. We got lucky, though. I think our luck was completely used up in 2011 and 2012 because we managed to get into the big game despite having otherwise devastating losses, but we haven't managed to do so since. Losing to Texas A&M and Johnny Football made me go on a huge rant on this blog. You can find it here
  • 2012 Divisional AFC Playoff Mile High Miracle - The double OT time shocker that sent the Ravens to Foxboro seems a bit dull to my memory now after the epic meltdown the Broncos suffered when they finally made it to the Super Bowl, but there's certainly room for it on this list. 
  • 2014 Divisional AFC Playoff Indianapolis at Denver - No cool nickname here. Just an ass-whipping put on Peyton Manning by a team that I found myself struggling to completely root against. I wanted Peyton Manning to win and have one last shot at another ring, but that wasn't to be and the Colts wouldn't get a ring, either. I just don't know what to feel about this game. Certainly nothing good came of it for either team. 
  • 2014 AFC Championship Game - Whether or not the balls were deflated I don't think anyone can argue just how manhandled the Colts were in this one. The Colts, before they got rid of Manning, at least used to play the Patriots close and give a good game. Sometimes they even won. However, the Luck-led Colts have gotten their asses handed to them time and again. Luck, in the hands of the Patriots, looks more like Tim Tebow and I wonder just why Peyton Manning parted ways with the Colts. Luck is good, but Manning is the only one who really stands a shot against the Patriots outside of his brother Eli and maybe Joe Flacco. He doesn't always win, but I've seen him fight. Anyone remember the 2006 AFC Championship game? The 4th and 2 game? Those were the days. 

The 2014 football season came to real crummy ending for all of my teams so don't feel bad Packers fans. You aren't alone.


  1. I've got a loss that your dad will put in his favorite wins column.

    Miami vs Alabama in the 1993 Sugar Bowl. The 1982-1992 Canes were on a serious roll and were a dominate team. They won 4 National Championships and lost a couple and finished #3 a couple of times during this stretch. Their only eh season during this span was the one where Doug Flutie won the Heisman on that hail mary against them (I'm still puzzled as to why that is such a famous play and I have to watch it over and over). I was so confident that the Hurricanes were going to win this game against Bama that I was not prepared for the possibility of them losing. The Canes got crushed in this game and it was a stunning loss. I'm still not over it.

    Miami vs Ohio State 2003 National Championship game. A truly great game marred by the victory being taken away from the Canes on a phantom pass interference call in the end zone on 4th down in overtime. I still want to puke.

    1. My dad liked the 1993 game. He said, "We didn't always lose Sugar Bowls."

      I watched an SEC Storied about the SEC Championship Game the season Alabama beat Miami. It was the first Championship Game for the SEC (as well as any conference, I think) and if Florida had won a team from the SEC would not have been in the big game. But because Alabama won the SEC Championship game it was considered genius and they kept it.

      Antonio Langham returned a critical interception that helped put Florida away. When they re-enacted the play for the SEC Storied special Langham dropped the ball and the former Florida QB Shane Matthews asked "Why couldn't you do that in the game?" That was kind of funny.

      Had the Gators won Miami wouldn't have had to face Alabama, but no one would have things like conference championships and stuff like that. At least I don't think they would since it would have made a conference postseason game look like a terrible idea.

      Go figure.