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Monday, September 8, 2014

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

You gotta love an anime where an unkillable maid goes on an all-out killing spree against the U.S. Army (and just about everyone else in her way) for her killing her master. Black Lagoon didn't feature everyone's favorite maid quite so heavily, but in this five episode OVA masterpiece Roberta is back and ready to seriously kick some ass.

I had forgotten how fun Black Lagoon was. I mean, it's been over a year since I had seen it and I suppose that I should've watched it again before I decided to watch this OVA, but I remembered just enough to figure I could give this OVA a go without too much trouble. 

I have had the OVA on blu-ray for over a year now and I honestly can't tell why I put it off for so long. The five episodes combined are just short of three hours and can be watched in one sitting as a movie. That's the way I did it, anyway. These episodes are numbered 25-29 and take place after the events of the second season. Each of the episodes are about ten minutes longer than their television counterparts and bring back just about all of the primary players for a great encore. 

There's also a ton more violence this time around. Not since Elfen Lied or Higurashi have I seen such violence in an anime, but not a bit of it feels like it's done without giving meaning to the plot. If anything it makes every action that much more fascinating because you really don't know what will cause the next violent outburst. Black Lagoon has always been a bit on the darker side of things, but this OVA really goes for the throat. Rock, Roberta, and even Revy seem to reach different boundaries. 

Of course, Roberta's character is given the most depth since this is her OVA and all that. While she certainly gets up to some depraved and dark things almost as bad as anything I've read in a Bryan Smith novel, Roberta always seems to come across as being human for the most part. Sure, she turns into a flat-out monster that would have to make her one of the more tantalizing characters in any recent anime, but there are times where you'll just want to root for her. I mean, I certainly didn't want to, but in the world of Black Lagoon there are no true good guys and you have to identify with whatever comes the closest, I think. 

Revy is also quite possible at her coldest when she kills an injured man in cold blood. And you know that is messed up when one of Roberta's maid companions tells her that is cruel. 

Rock, for his part, continues a bit of a downward spiral that is both dangerous and disappointing. I think even Revy is becoming a bit frightened by how he is changing. Of course, when you live with criminals and killers I don't think you can maintain a mental balance and health no matter how hard you try. Not a lot of sunshine to be had in that environment, even if that is your way of sticking it to the man and trying to live free. There's also not a lot of closure with his relationship with Revy, but there's only so much that can be done in three hours. 

Especially when the namesake of this OVA is taking mental stimulants, biting through swords, and punching people in the face until they have no face anymore. 

Just so much epic in this OVA. Highly recommended, but be sure to watch the anime first. It's worth it. 

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