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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The World is Still Beautiful (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii)

This is the first anime in a while that I just haven't felt like reviewing. I suppose you can just consider it to be the anime version of jet lag on my part or maybe just the fact that I just haven't felt like blogging lately. It could very well be a mixture of both. I have been hitting the anime pretty non-stop for quite a while, making up for lost times and whatnot. It's only logical to assume that I'd want to slow things down by now and blog about other things. Since I've got two blogs now that's a lot easier to do, too. 
However, I honestly didn't care for this series that much. It was okay, but I am not a big fan of the "reverse loli" kind of thing. In fact, I'm not a big fan of the loli schtick to begin with. Every now and then it's okay for laughs, but other than that I don't actively say to myself "I could use some loli right now." That'd just be a bit weird. Even for me. 

But instead of a late teenage male character and a younger female character you get the late teenage female character and younger male character. No one bats an eye, though. It's odd enough when done the "normal" way, but when done the opposite way it makes things even more bizarre. Of course, this anime was primarily directed at teenage Japanese girls so I'm sure they might have appreciated the absurdity of the situation a bit more, but it's kind of lost on me. 

To be fair, this anime has a fantastic soundtrack worthy of a high-budget Disney movie. The Beautiful Rain song isn't what I'm talking about, either. That song has its moments, but it gets played way too much during the anime. I'm talking about the background music. It's very, very good. 

This series as a whole reminded me a bit of some Disney films, too. A princess from a poor kingdom being married off to a young (very young) king she's never met and adapting to a completely new lifestyle. That just sounds Disney-ish to me. Very majestic and classy-sounding kind of story. I already know that this anime has plenty of fans and I can understand why. I'm certainly not knocking their tastes.

There isn't a lot of action to be found here, though. Not a lot of slapstick humor, either. It's mostly just a fish-out-of-water romance kind of thing. Which isn't what I normally go after, but I don't mind watching different genres every now and then just for the fuck of it. What made things bizarre though was the straight-faced way the whole "underage king" card was played. Within the confines of the story it works, but it is definitely odd to make a romance out of it. A bit more awkward comedy would have made this anime go down just a bit easier for me. 

This anime wasn't really my thing. It could have used some zombies or some shit like that. 

Still, this anime is very well done from an animation and soundtrack standpoint. It looks and sounds good. Although the hair styles for the leads could have been a bit different because it really is getting harder to tell characters apart these days. If not for King Livi's height I wouldn't have been able to tell him apart from Kirito in Sword Art Online. Livi's voice also seemed much deeper than someone his age. Of course, that tends to happen when the voice actor is 25 years old. Nothing against Shimazaki Nobunaga, though. Sounding fifteen years old (or however young King Livi was supposed to be) isn't something most men can do. 

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