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Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

My Little Monster is an odd show. Yes, the English title sounds like it could be a cheesy sci-fi porno flick (although I'd hate to be the guy with the "little monster"), but it isn't. Although there are enough scenes with a strange guy running around with a cock in his hands. And by "cock" I really do mean rooster, but it sounds much less "innuendo-y" to actually say rooster.

Comprised of 13 episodes and released in the fall of 2012, My Little Monster is a story about a socially awkward girl named Mizutani Shizuku and an odd but outgoing delinquent boy named Yoshida Haru. Naturally, this show is about their rather peculiar relationship. Shizuku is a girl hopelessly devoted to her studies to the point of almost becoming a soulless robot while Haru seems to be a naturally gifted genius and doesn't take school so seriously and really likes chickens. 

This makes for a rather interesting dynamic as while they both seem more than willing to admit their love for each other, they (or more specifically Shizuku) wish to maintain distance so Shizuku can focus on her studies. Which I suppose can make one question the notion of just what is defined as a "couple" or "love." When the relationship isn't the priority then how much value is there in this relationship in the first place? As someone who understands Shizuku's mindset a little too well, I'm not sure I can answer the question because a relationship is something I've yet to experience. However, doing the same old things out of a sense of repetition even when you don't feel satisfaction from them can be a universal sensation. Perhaps Shizuku studies because that's all she's ever really known and not because she really enjoys it. When confronted with the idea there is happiness outside of her comfort zone she pushes it away. 

Maybe I'm looking into this too deeply. Well, whatever. 

Their friends see this line between them and a few of them with crushes of their own do their best to exploit this "Shizuku-imposed" gap. 

While I wouldn't call this show a bad one (it isn't), I thought there was something from this show missing. It just felt a bit too dry to me. Perhaps if I had binge-watched this show and finished it in a day then I'd have a much better impression of it. As it is, it took me a while to finish this show because of everything else I'm trying to watch. The first few episodes had a lot actually happen (an abnormality for romance anime) and it certainly seemed like a lot more was going to happen in later episodes. However, I don't think the show continued on and finished as strong as it could have. The ending didn't resolve anything, either. I am typically not one to decry an ending as long as all of the story elements are played out to their fullest, but this show just stopped with no actual denouement. Apparently, the manga continued after this show ended while this show didn't manage to catch on enough in Japan to warrant a second season. 

I've heard there is an OVA so I would like to see that to see if it resolves anything, but overall I think I'm fine with this show not getting a second season. If it got one someday then I'm sure I'd check it out, but I'm not on the edge of my seat or anything. But if Attack on Titan never got a second season there would be rivers of blood pouring through my eyeballs as my brain exploded from the rage.  

This show was brought to my attention by former Sonic coworker Trey Lannie so this post is for you, buddy. 

P.S. - Did I mention that this show featured a chicken? Because it does feature a chicken. 


  1. The title of this post scared me.

  2. I don't know why the title is what it is. "The Monster Sitting Beside Me" is a literal translation and a much better title. Plus it sounds a lot less like my account got hacked by someone posting lewd pictures and more like a legitimate name for a TV show.