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Friday, September 27, 2013

Otaku House Dedications

Not too long ago I decided to ask if there were any shows, books, or whatever that my good friends wanted me to review. Basically, if any of them made a suggestion then I would dedicate the post to them and give them a hug the next time I saw them. However, a few of the folks who made suggestions live multiple states away or are generally not the kind to which I wish to give hugs. So I don't see myself giving away free hugs in the near future. 

I made a few promises that I'd start putting a few of those posts up at the beginning of the month. Well, here it's almost the end of the month and there has yet to be one of those entries. I haven't forgotten about you folks, but I have about twenty backlogged posts and a story I am trying to whip into shape. Plus I've got to do this whole "work" thing. And that really cuts into my personal blogging time. 

Ashton Thompson requested that I review High School of the Dead (well, I more or less volunteered him for this dedications thing without his knowledge, but I'm sure he won't mind considering he legitimately suggested the show), Matthew Pituk requested that I review Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and Matthew Logan suggested I review Wilfred

So I haven't forgotten about ya'll. 

Your posts will see the light of day eventually. I just happen to live on Jacobian time and Jacobian time just doesn't gel real well with Central Earth Time. 

However, if anyone else wishes that I review something specifically for them then feel free to make a request. If I enjoy it you just might get a hug from me.

Isn't that tempting?

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