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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun (Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun)

Ninomiya Shungo is a high school kid skilled in martial arts and he's got an older sister that likes to pretend she's Chuck Norris. Shungo's badass sister Ryoko just happens to know an incubus named Mikihiro and Mikihiro just happens to have a younger sister named Mayu. Well, Mayu is a succubus who happens to suffer from a fear of men. 

Through what can only be deemed "anime logic," it has become Shungo's job to cure Mayu's fear of men without succumbing to Mayu's uncontrollable powers to attract men. This somehow requires him to take baths with her and even sleep with her under the watchful eye of his sister's video camera. But whenever Shungo's urges get too strong Ryoko is quick to step in and make sure he doesn't get the life sucked out of him by Mayu. 

At school his fellow male students chase after Mayu and it is up to Shungo to use his martial arts skills to fight them away. But some of them are really, really persistent and apparently are able to create elaborate traps. 

Enter a headstrong and possibly sybil girl named Reika who is blackmailed into becoming Shungo's maid after trying to seduce Shungo. Reika is followed around by a quiet but skilled butler as a well as a pissed off maid who hates Shungo. Reika likes Shungo even though she pretends she doesn't and she refuses to admit to anyone that she likes being the maid in Shungo's home just so she can keep an eye of Mayu and Reika.  

The hijinks ensue as Reika and Mayu fight over Shungo and Shungo finds himself in uncomfortable situation after uncomfortable situation much to his sister's and Mikihiro's amusement. 

Ah, those blatant over the top fanservice anime shows. It actually feels silly reviewing this show because there really is nothing to it. Hell, Girls Bravo has more to it in terms of plot than this show. Okay, maybe that is a gross exaggeration because Girls Bravo is pretty pointless too, but they are about on par. This is the type of show you watch when you want to laugh and set your brain on autopilot. And if you want some gratuitous panyshots with some less than subtle hints of cameltoe then there's that, too. However, there really isn't a lot of nudity in this show. Instead the nudity is implied for the most part rather than actually seen although there really isn't a lot left for the imagination. 

At 12 episodes this show is mercifully brief and doesn't overstay its welcome. It starts, causes some legitimate laughs, and then tries to tie up its attempt at a story before it ends. Unlike a lot of harem shows like Shuffle!, Tenchi Universe, or H20: Footprints in the Sand, this show doesn't quite pull off the "story turned serious." It relies a little bit too much on the "main character can't remember what happened during his childhood" bit and once you toss that out there really is no story at all. The story is sort of a sacrificial lamb in this because it is the situational comedy that is put first as the priority. The story is just kind of incidental. 

Pantyshots and laughs. That's what this show is about. 

It's a matter of taste (and possibly of age) how good you think this show will be, but I thought it was okay. Nowhere near great or even good, but it was decent and I laughed. Although I could have done without Reika or Mayu suddenly developing a fondness for yaoi. Thank God none of those images lingered for too long. 

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