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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bryan Smith and the Bitter Ale Series

Bryan Smith is one of my favorite authors out there. Whether it's his terrifying brutal novels like Depraved or The Killing Kind or his excursions into the world of Kayla Monroe, I just think Smith is incapable of writing a bad novel. And he's a real cool guy. I've never met him, but I've been onto a few message boards where he frequents and the impression I always get is that he's a cool guy. Aside from him living in the state that is home of the Volunteers and the Titans, I can't think of too many bad things to say about him. XD

Recently, Bryan Smith put out a new novel called 68 Kill and it was previously available in paperback and ebook format. Well, now it's available in hardcover as well. Smith has signed on with Thunderstorm Books to create his own line called Bryan Smith's Bitter Ale Series. Through Bitter Ale, Smith will put out a short novel every two or three months and I believe these books will be in the vein of 68 Kill

I honestly haven't read 68 Kill just yet, but I have it on my Kindle and I'll certainly get the paperback eventually. Smith (along with Stephen King, Brian Keene, the late Richard Laymon, and Robert R. McCammon) is one of those authors where I have to have an actual physical copy of the book handy even if I do have it on my Kindle.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay 60 bucks plus shipping every few months for a hardcover edition of a book I can get much cheaper as a paperback or ebook. 

I do take solace in the fact that I do have a few signed Bryan Smith books and a few of them are hardcovers so I don't feel too bad about passing these particular hardcovers. But if I could afford it then Smith probably would be the one author I would hand the cash out for. 

However, if you can then I suggest you do so. If that's your thing then here's where to sign up: Bryan Smith's Bitter Ale Series

If not, at least buy it as a paperback or a Kindle edition

Also pre-order his new novel from Samhain Go Kill Crazy if you get the chance. 

Once I do get to 68 Kill I will post a review as usual. I'm sure I'll enjoy this one and I'll probably start it within the next few days. 


  1. I looked at the Bryan Smith e-book selection at Amazon and I see that most titles are $2.99. Are they on sale right now or are they usually this cheap? Suggest one for me and I'll get it (I haven't read any).

    Scott Nicholson's e-books are always in the $2.99 range. I think it's because he self publishes.

    1. I know Bryan does self-publish. His Kayla Monroe books are self-published. And a few of his older Leisure books (possibly all of them) are being re-released as self-published Kindle editions as well. In fact, any of the Kindle releases on Amazon that say the publisher is "Bitter Ale Press" are the self-published ones. And as far as I know, Smith's ebooks are generally pretty cheap. I've yet to pay more than 4 bucks for one.

      The first book I'd recommend would be The Killing Kind. It's kind of like what would happen if Quentin Tarantino adapted a Richard Laymon novel for a movie. Very brutal and intense stuff. For $2.99 it's a steal.