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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Kindle Fire HD

The fact that I have a Kindle is maybe proof that I am either losing my mind or slowly coming to grips with the fact that the amount of room I have for books, DVDs, and Blu-rays is finite. I just have too many books and not enough room. But I can't just get rid of something without replacing it. Having tons of books on Kindle is little different than having tons of books on the bookshelf, in the television stand, and on the top of the dresser. 

I need to do the same thing with my music by getting some sort of music player that can be portable but also can hook up to a stereo system. Of course, I'm not sure what people play their music on these days. My Kindle Fire HD can play music in my Cloud Player on its speakers without a problem and I can listen to those tunes while I read whichever book I choose or surf the net and check my Facebook or my email. I also can watch movies, too. 

But I wouldn't exactly call the Kindle Fire HD a music or a movie player. It's handy and has a good picture if you want to stream an episode of the original Star Trek series for free via Amazon Prime, but it's got really small speakers and no place for headphones. I wouldn't really call this a substitute for a music player or an HD TV. Which is fine with me; I got the Kindle to downsize the amount of physical books I have and not for the sound quality. My Kindle's music and movie playing abilities are like whipped topping, though. And who the hell complains about whipped topping? 

With my Kindle Fire I can play around with how the book I'm reading is formatted. I can change the background of the book to black, sepia, or white. I can change fonts and mark passages and even tweet certain passages. All very cool stuff. 

I can store photos on here from Facebook or Twitter, but I'm not sure how it would all be organized. I imagine that after a while things would get very cluttered. And I don't really want to store photos on here because I got this for books. But the option is there. 

The weird thing about these devices is how much they can dissuade a person from actually reading despite the fact that these things are actually "e-readers." There's lots of distractions with the internet in the palm of your hands and the capability to play games or add silly apps and whatnot. I guess it all depends on how much you are really sold on the idea of reading something from what is essentially a high-tech toy. But really, there's distractions whether or not you have a Kindle so I guess it doesn't really make much of a difference. 

But seriously, think about this: you can look up porn on this device. Not that I've tried, of course. But it makes sense that if you can if you can YouTube then you can BoobTube, too. And this thing has a long memory so I wouldn't want someone seeing something like that pop up on the extremely likely chance that I want to show off my new Kindle everyone I know. 

But, again, there's distractions. 

I'm very glad I purchased this Kindle Fire HD and I need to stock it up with some killer books, but now I have to choose whether or not I want to read a physical book or an ebook that I've already had uploaded. Choosing something to read was hard before I got a Kindle. Now it's going to be a real pain. XP

I'm still going to experiment with this thing and see what's what. I haven't tried taking it outside of the house yet. Might try that once I try to forget just much it cost me to get it and come to terms with my inherent need to treat this like a prized relic. Honestly, I do want to keep this in great condition because I can't imagine leaving it in a hot car or something. But I do need to figure out how this thing acts on the road. 

P.S. - If any of you know of decent portable devices on which I can listen to music without having to carry a bunch of CD's with me then I'd love to hear suggestions. 


  1. Very cool. Are you sure there is not an earphone jack on there somewhere? I was curious and went to the FAQ section and there were people discussing what type of earphones worked on their Fire - so look closely.

    I really love the text size feature. Sometimes if I'm reading late at night with tired eyes, a larger font is a big help. Another feature I love is the built in dictionary. I'm so used to the dictionary on my kindle that when I'm reading a paper book and come across a word I want to look up, I find myself trying to push a button that doesn't exist on my paper book. XD

    You are going to find that you prefer to read on this device. When I got mine, I didn't think that would happen but it did. I still read regular books now and then but I prefer to read on the kindle.

    1. Ah, yes, now I see the earphone jack. Curious as to how I missed it, but there it is right next to the volume controls. Hmm... I have some high tech headphones I bought for recording songs and stuff. I wonder how they would sound on there.


      Damn, maybe this isn't such a bad music player, after all. ;P

  2. How do you put music on it? Do you transfer from your computer to the Fire? If so, what kind of files does the Fire play (mp-3, flac, wav, etc)?

    1. I didn't have to to download them to the Kindle at all. They were already there because I already had them in my Amazon Cloud Player on my Amazon account. Just like I didn't download any Kindle books when I first got my Kindle Fire and yet all of the freebie books I had on my Kindle for PC already appeared on my Kindle Fire without me having to do anything. So technically, the tunes aren't on the device itself although I could download them to the device and have them stored in the Kindle's memory. For now though they are stored in the Amazon Cloud player.

      I could transfer music to the Kindle from my computer, though. Courtesy of the Amazon Help page I discovered that the Kindle supports MP3, Non-DRM AAC (.m4a), MIDI, OGG, and WAV files.