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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sinister Grin Press

Shane McKenzie is an up and coming author and I believe I posted about his advice on writing gross stuff before. Well, he has his own publishing business where he serves as editor. It's called Sinister Grin Press and they make a helluva product. They basically release signed limited editions and a few paperbacks, too. They are just starting out and things are still being tweaked. So if you want to help out the folks at Sinister Grin then give their page a visit and buy some stuff.

You can become a member for just $1.00. This requires you to buy all of their new limited releases from their three lines as they become available. You are essentially guaranteed a copy because you'll have to buy them and you can't do that if you can't get a copy. At about fifty or so bucks per book it ain't exactly for the infrequent buyer, but they tell you that the membership plan is for serious collectors only in the first place. Here's the info about becoming a member if you're interested:

If you don't buy a book within a given timeframe and if you make no plans to pay then you lose your membership so that's certainly something to think about.

But you certainly don't have to become a member to buy one of their books. Just buy one of their paperbacks or maybe you'll luck out and get one of those signed limiteds.

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