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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Iron Man 3

I've been a bad blogger. I watched this movie on Friday night and I didn't make a post about it. I've posted just about everywhere else about it, but not here. But to be honest, I have been trying to write a story and all the night shifts I've had to endure are screwing up my initiative to do anything other than sit on my ass and read or watch anime or movies. And I'm kinda feeling shitty lately. I actually called in today. This is the fourth day of work I've missed in a year and I'm kinda bummed about that.

Anyway, forgive me for not posting about the movie sooner.

I knew I was going to watch it not long after I watched that Evil Dead remake. I made plans about a month in advance and the gods favored me by letting me have May 3rd off. I'd be working nights the following two days so I wanted to go while I had the chance because I wasn't sure what the next week's schedule was going to throw my way.

My initial goal was to see the 8:00 showing because I figure it would give my dad enough time to get home and eat something, but the showing wasn't too late in the night, either. But the 8:00 showing was sold out and I was forced to buy tickets for the 9:00 showing. I think it's pretty funny that they gave me a discount because of my dad; they thought he was a senior.

Well, me and my dad had an hour to kill so we went across the street to Target and I bought both Kill Bill movies.

And then after that nice little adventure we made it back to the theater with about ten minutes to spare.

There wasn't a damn place to park and I joked that we should have parked in the Cracker Barrel or the Kohl's parking lots next door; it would have been quicker. But the time it took to find a decent spot is the time it took out of finding a decent seat which I thought was more important.

So we ended up on the front row of auditorium 1 on the far left.

I had the second seat from the aisle and my dad had the first. It was pretty uncomfortable.

But then the movie began.

I liked Iron Man and Iron Man 2 well enough. The second one was funny and beginning that arch into Avengers territory, but it wasn't exactly as good as Captain America or Thor. Iron Man 2 was more on par with The Incredible Hulk. Good but not great.

But Iron Man 3 is great and it is a worthy quasi-sequel to The Avengers. The writers were smart enough to keep in elements from the climax of The Avengers and have it sort of bleed into this movie. It really worked.

Tony Stark develops a post traumatic stress disorder in this movie from his time in the hole in the sky at the end of The Avengers and he has times where he just starts wigging out. And the new villain on the rise called the Mandarin is just what Stark doesn't need to make his life even more complicated. Soon Stark loses his home and his suits and he's left to hoof it through the wilds of Tennessee while he cooks up a plan to take down the Mandarin.

I think this could be the first time in cinematic history where Tennessee is actually a major plot destination in a movie, by the way.

Guy Pierce is sort of vanilla in his role, but Ben Kingsley and Ty Simpkins do great jobs in their respective parts. That Robert Downey Jr. guy ain't too shabby either.

 If you ain't watched it then give it a watch.

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  1. Looking forward to it.

    Robert Downey makes a great Iron Man.