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Monday, February 25, 2013

Did You Watch The Oscars?

I didn't know they were on last night. I didn't even know what films, actors, or directors were nominated. And once I'd finally looked up the movies I realized that I had not seen any of them. This isn't very surprising. In fact, I've said before that I rarely go out and see new movies. Hell, I still haven't seen The King's Speech. I really want to see Django Unchained and Lincoln, but those are for my own reasons and not because the Oscars deemed an actor from them worthy of an award. Honestly, I just don't put much stock into the Oscars. That doesn't mean they are not important because they are. But not winning one or not even being nominated for one does not invalidate an entire career spent in the film industry, IMO. Of course, the actors probably like it because it gets them recognition (unless your name is Marlon Brando or George C. Scott).

I've never seen an Ang Lee movie. Well, actually I have seen Hulk, but I didn't particularly care for that version. I've never seen Brokeback Mountain and don't plan to, really. I've no doubt it's a well-made movie and the performances by the late Heath Ledger and Jake "Is he still making movies?" Gyllenhaal are great, but I try to keep the movies I watch where dudes kiss to a minimum. Bromances aren't my bag. I know Ang Lee's bromance beat out Spielberg's Munich in 2006 so I wasn't completely surprised to hear that Ang Lee bested Spielberg again in the Best Director category with Life of Pi coming out over Lincoln

But I was surprised to hear that Argo won Best Picture. Why? Well, I don't know. I haven't seen any of the movies nominated so it seems silly to me that I should be surprised. I think it is because of my dislike for Ben Affleck, though. Of course, Armageddon, Good Will Hunting, and the films he has made with Kevin Smith are decent enough films and some of them are even really good or great, but I think I still hold a bias against him for Gigli and Pearl Harbor. I guess I should get over it, though. 

Anyway, I still say that some of the best films I've ever seen weren't even Oscar-nominated and that the Oscars don't get it right half the time. James Stewart only won one Oscar and that was for The Philadelphia Story. Paul Newman won only one and that was a sympathy award. Don't even talk about Al Pacino. That man should have an entire wall decorated with Oscars. At the very least, a small bookcase. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really watching the same movies that other people are. Maybe I'm just easily impressed. 

Anyway, I can't wait to see Django Unchained or Lincoln


  1. I love music and movies but I hate award shows. For one thing, you can't tell me that the people voting have seen every movie released. The studios pick a handful of movies and performances to be considered and the studio's motives for their picks are not always artistic. They think more about how much money a nomination can bring. Entire genres like comedy are usually ignored for consideration (kind of like the Heisman trophy only going to a QB or RB and ignoring all of the other positions).
    1976 is a great example of what is wrong with the academy awards. The nominations are 3 of the greatest movies of the 70s, "Taxi Driver," "Network," & "All The President's Men" along with an excellent Woody Guthrie bio, "Bound For Glory" and "Rocky." And the winner is "Rocky." I don't have anything against "Rocky." I do like it but is it really better than the other 4 - no fucking way.

    1. Yeah, I don't know what those people were thinking.

      I was very much surprised that The Dark Knight Rises didn't get nominated for anything. The Dark Knight got nominated for eight awards, but The Dark Knight Rises didn't get nominated for ANYTHING. I don't get that. I certainly didn't think the movie was that much of a drop off in terms of how good it was. If anything I thought it was a slightly better movie.

  2. I hate to be cynical (not really) but The Dark Knight got nominated because Heath Ledger died. That kind of stuff makes a difference. I though Dark Knight Rises was almost as good.

    They should really have the awards 5 years after the release (XD) because you need some time to determine if something is really great or not. How many times have you seen a movie and thought it was great and 5 years later you see it again and don't like it nearly as much. And that happens the other way too. I saw Taxi Driver when it was released and really liked it but didn't really get how great it is until seeing it a few more times over the years.

    1. Oh, I know that Ledger's death was a large catalyst into driving The Dark Knight into the Oscars. He probably would have been snubbed of the award if he had lived (now isn't that pretty cynical?)