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Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodbye 2012

As of this moment I am employed to Sonic and making a paltry sum of money. That is a big change from 2011. I have my own car which I bought for the sum of $500 from my grandmother. That is also a big change from 2011. I have 22 anime titles in my collection when I used to just have one. Another change from 2011.

My father almost died in 2012 from liver failure and then miraculously got better in spite of how the hospitals treated him. I actually had to call 911 when he collapsed from a doctor's visit and that is something I never want to do again as long as I live. My brother fell into a manhole cover in Memphis and broke his knee. After too much time away from work, my brother was unceremoniously fired and I (with my father ill and my mother considered to be "untouchable" by prospective employers because of her own health condition) was left as the only person in my family making money. And that is only a pitiful $7.25 an hour with barely 38 hours a week.

This period in time sucked major balls and there were quite a few occasions where I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. A few times I probably did and just didn't really notice. During this time I didn't miss a single day of work, either. I couldn't. While my father was potentially on what could have been his deathbed I was making the moolah. Yup, 2012 can rot in hell.

But things got better toward the end of the year and I'm hoping 2013 is a vast improvement. My brother has landed a job interview, I believe, so that is good. Maybe I can find new employment, too. And my father is as healthy as an ox. We had a very merry Christmas and our inner-materialists are greatly satisfied.

I got From Dusk Till Dawn, Young Frankenstein, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Men in Black 3, and Spaceballs on Blu-ray for Christmas. I also got five Brando movies (Julius Caesar, Mutiny on the Bounty, Reflections in a Golden Eye, The Teahouse of August Moon, and The Formula) and three John Wayne movies (The High and the Mighty, McLintock!, and Island in the Sky) on DVD.

I also got an Eli Manning jersey, a Giants hat, and a shirt that looks similar to an Eli Manning jersey but the fabric is like a regular shirt. Whereas the jersey would be a special occasion thing to wear the shirt could be more of a daily basis type of thing. I got a Pantera "Fucking Hostile" shirt, a Metallica "Ride the Lightning" shirt, a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt, a Grateful Dead shirt, and two new pairs of pajamas. I also got cologne (something I've never used before) and a beard trimmer (something I've also never used before).


  1. Glad to hear your dad is doing well. It sounded pretty bad there for a while.

    I may have got the shittiest present of all. My mom gave me a home depot gift card and I bought a toilet. XD. No kidding. Three or four weeks ago, I noticed a big ass crack in one of my toilets and had to replace it. The new one is such a big water saver, I was impressed so I decided to replace the ancient toilet where I'm doing flooring in another bathroom. So I used the gift card to buy a toilet. Pretty shitty gift, eh.

    I haven't put it in yet, so in true redneck fashion, it is just sitting out on my patio. Hopefully I will get to that flooring job soon or I will be in definite redneck territory if I have a toilet as patio furniture.

    1. Our bathroom was a nightmare at our old house. We actually had two bathrooms, but one of them was so bad my dad actually drilled screws into the door so it could never be used. The other one we had left wasn't much better and the floor and walls were going to hell. The actual support beams under the bathroom were weakening and we had to tear up the entire floor and reinforce the support beams as best as we could. The plumbing was shot too and the septic tank was sorry. There was just no end to all the crap so we didn't bother putting walls or proper flooring down after a while of screwing around. So we had a lot of "shelves" in our old bathroom and a toilet that sort of stood still depending on how you sat on it.

  2. I lost my redneck credentials. I took the toilet off the patio and installed it in the bathroom. What a way to spend a Saturday, down of my knees with my face in a toilet and cleaning up that nasty gunk on the floor under the old one. yuck!

  3. My old toilet is out at the street waiting on the garbage guys to take it. I hope the Jackass guys aren't in town - The garbage guys would get really mad at me if someone used it while it was out there.

    It's kind of fitting that your "goodbye 2012" post turned into a discussion about a toilet. It was a pretty shitty year.