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Monday, December 31, 2012

12 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Be happier - Perhaps this is an odd resolution, but it's one I think everyone should make.
  2. Buy an HD TV - I've got Blu-rays and a Blu-Ray player, but my TV is freakin' heavy clunker. Yeah, it's a got a decent screen, but I'm afraid my dresser is going to collapse under the weight before too long. This TV is a beast. I want to get one of those neat slim ones like my brother and my parents have.
  3. Buy a Kindle - I know this is weird as I am a devout paper guy, but I want a Kindle now.
  4. Get out more often - I make this every year and it seems I never quite succeed. I'm a bit of a hermit so my friends don't see me that much. Of course, I'm so insanely awesome that my friends wish to see me more often and I understand their sentiment and appreciate it. I am indeed awesome. 
  5. Read More - I didn't read dick last year. I might have read five books. I've got to read more. I know work jerks me around on my schedule and I always been a routine kind of guy, but I certainly hope I can get a bit more reading done this year. 
  6. Continue to support anime - Yeah, this is a given. I'm going to keep flying the flag. 
  7. Find a new job - Fast food is an apt name because it gets old fast. I've been at Sonic for eight months and I'm hoping I can find something better on the horizon.
  8. Buy a new guitar amplifier - I really need one because mine is about seven years old and has severe limitations. I'm surprised the thing still works.
  9. Buy a Fender Strat - I've got an old Squire (Fender off-brand that just happens to looks like a Fender Strat) that doesn't hardly work much. The toggle switch is screwed up and if it's not in exactly the right position then the sound shuts off completely. The whammy bar has also been broken off for about six years. Hey, it happened when I was a newbie. Shut up. I've decided that I want a real Fender Strat after digging up my Squire and playing it again. 
  10. See a concert - I've never been to a concert. Ever. I want to go to a concert one day.
  11. Go to the beach - I am insanely pale-skinned and rarely go out. I can't swim, either. At least I don't think I can. You see, that's how often I get to swim. The last time I tried to swim I almost drowned, but the time before that I did fine. I just don't swim that often so I don't know. But I haven't felt sand between my toes in forever. Not since before my voice changed, I don't think. Of course, I normally won't be caught dead without a pair of jeans and a shirt on so that'll certainly be interesting.  
  12. Chop off Tony Iommi's remaining fingers and surgically attach them to my hand so I can play guitar better.  Play my guitar better. 

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  1. Go the the Hang-out Music festival in Gulf Shores and take your new kindle with you. This one act will take care of #1,3,4,5,10 & 11.

    I looked at the Ticketmaster site for concerts in Mobile and there is nothing much listed for the next couple of months so you're outaluck for at least couple of months.

    I keep looking for the Allstars to come close to me but they keep playing out west. I may have to go to Colorado to see them. If I do, I'll stop and get you on my way. Just tell them at work that you went to the beach and got a really bad sunburn and you can't come in for a few days XD.