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Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you shopping yet?

I think I'll have most of my shopping done by December 6th. I mentioned in a previous post that I bought my dad a Peyton Manning Broncos jersey, but I've just decided that tomorrow I'm going to go to the Bama Fever Tiger Pride store in the mall and see if I can get my brother an Alabama jersey. Now, I know what you're thinking... you're thinking the same thing I am... why the hell would Auburn and Alabama apparel be sold in the same store?

It's a very good question that begs an answer, but at least the store is segregated (as is only proper) into two separate parts. One side is Alabama and the other is Auburn.

But I still say it's poor building planning. If someone could build a wall between the two sides in that sumbitch then that would be just dandy. 

Essentially, I'll probably be paying three hundred bucks on two shirts. I'm hoping the Alabama jersey is under $100, though. But I figure it will be worth it because I've always defined Christmas as the time of year where you get shit for others you normally don't/won't/can't get. It's an outside the box type of thing for me. My brother has never asked for a jersey and neither has my dad. My dad didn't ask for the Colts jersey the first time around, but you would have thought that he'd been wanting one his entire life when he opened that box to see his favorite QB's jersey.

I bought my mom the first season of Big Bang Theory for Blu-Ray because she said that it's the funniest show she's seen since I Love Lucy. That's really saying something, too. She loves Lucy probably more than Ricky did. I also got her (my mom, not Lucy) the second season of Bewitched because she already has the first, third, and forth seasons. I'd buy her a jersey too (I'm sure they sell some for females), but she doesn't like football like we do. Instead she is listing stuff she actually needs like a washer, dryer, and all that good stuff. 

I keep saying that Christmas is a time for getting shit we want and that needs can wait until after Christmas when we're all done spending money on gifts. Yeah, it's backwards thinking, but the washing machine and dryer will be just fine for a while. An appliance is only a gift if you are a newly wed. And when you are expecting a washing machine... C'mon, it takes away all the fun of looking for shit. 

In the meantime I'll try and help complete her I Love Lucy collection, but my dad might have to foot that bill. She only needs seasons 3-5. 

My brother has expensive taste in clothing so outside of the Bama jersey, I'll leave the clothing to my mom and dad. They know what he likes more than I do, anyway. I've looked at a couple of Big Lebowski shirts online for my bro (he loves that movie to death), but I can't find one that really looks good. If I could find a John Goodman one that didn't look uglier than hell then I'd probably get that one. 

Of course, none of the stuff I've bought has arrived yet. Then the fun will start when I try to remember how the hell to wrap stuff. I've always sucked at it. Trust me, you don't even need to look at the name tag to know it's from me. 

I'm going to keep looking for a good gift for my mom. I got my brother and my dad "open last" type of gifts, you know? After my brother sees that Bama jersey there isn't anything else he could open that would even come close. Maybe I'll find something really killer. If not, I'm sure my dad will. 


  1. No shopping for me yet. I'm a notorious wait until the last minute kind of guy. I really despise going out in the crowds so I guess I should start a little earlier and shop online. I really hate this time of year when you need some minor household item and the stores and parking lots are jammed. Nothing like battling a big crowd to get yourself some toothpaste.

    1. I went to the mall today and it was pretty slow. Not many people at all. Of course, I guess this is all relative to where I am and what day it is. I'm sure the mall is more packed on a Saturday than a Tuesday, but tonight was the perfect time for me to get some shopping done.

      I'm kind of bummed that the Bama jersey didn't have a name on it, but it's still pretty rad and it only cost about $60. It's a white number ten jersey. Every one always gets the red ones so I figured white would be a bit more unique.