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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wednesday 13 from Worst to First

Wednesday 13 has quickly become both one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite singers. Wednesday 13's real name is Joseph Poole and he has sung for many bands including Murderdolls (formed with Slipknot's Joey Jordison), Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Gunfire 76, Bourbon Crow, and his self-named solo band Wednesday 13. I really dig all of his projects, but I think his solo work is the best. His solo work has a very campy horror rock feel a la The Misfits or Rob Zombie and the rocking feel of AC/DC. I would describe his voice as sort of Marilyn Manson-ish, too.

Anyway, I decided to rank his solo work. Wednesday 13 has released four studio albums, one live album, and a few EP's. As always I will not include EP's or live albums. So this will be a really short list. 

4. Fang Bang (2006) - Sometimes I think that these lists I make are really unfair because one inevitably has to come in last. Each song on here is very good and I do love Kill You Before You Kill Me, but I just don't like this album as well as the others. 

Morgue Than Words 2:37
American Werewolves in London 4:20
My Home Sweet Homicide 3:02
Faith in the Devil 3:30
Happily Ever Cadaver 3:33
Curse of Me 4:02
Haddonfield 2:59
Too Much Blood 2:43
Till Death Do Us Party 3:34
Buried with Children 3:42
Kill You Before You Kill Me 2:33
Die Sci-Fi 3:36

Line-up: Wednesday 13, Jamie Hoover, Kid Kid, Ghastly

3. Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead (2005) - The debut album of Wednesday 13 is another solid album. There no real lulls on here and all of the songs kick butt. But I think that there aren't as many great songs on here as there are on the other 13 albums I ranked below. 

Post Mortem Boredom 0:57
Look What the Bats Dragged in 2:32
I Walked with a Zombie 3:43
Bad Things 3:37
House by the Cemetery 3:20
God is a Lie 3:37
Haunt Me 4:35
Transylvania 90210 3:54
I Want You...Dead 4:08
Buried by Christmas 3:08
Elect Death for President 4:23
Rot for Me 4:03
The Ghost of Vincent Price 5:08
A Bullet Named Christ 4:00
Thank You Satan (Japanese Bonus Track) 3:56

Line-up: Wednesday 13, Ghastly, Piggy D, Kid Kid, Ziad

2. Skeletons (2008) - I believe this is possibly 13's darkest and heaviest solo album. Perhaps this album could have fit easily into the Murderdolls canon. The point is arguable I suppose, but the album is still very killer despite the lack of campiness. No Rabbit in the Hat and Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed are songs all-out rockers that make you want to kick ass. My Demise and Skeletons are melancholic and dreary in tone and would be great funeral songs. Well, I guess it depends on how much you want to depress your loved ones. 

Scream Baby Scream 4:01
Not Another Teenage Anthem 3:54
Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed 2:23
From Here to the Hearse 3:45
Put Your Death Mask on 3:54
Skeletons 4:53
My Demise 4:10
With Friends Like These 3:04
No Rabbit in the Hat 3:14
All American Massacre 3:11
Dead Carolina 3:52

Line-up: Wednesday 13, Nate Manor, Racci Shay, Jamie Hoover

1. Calling All Corpses (2011) - I don't typically rank new albums very high, but this one is excellent. I think I listened to every single song at least four times while writing my Trigun story. Of course, I really listened to nothing but Wednesday 13 while writing that story so I'm not sure how much that is supposed to mean. Anyway, I think it was probably one of the best albums to come out of 2011. Just fantastic. It's tough to choose a favorite song but I think I would choose Silver Bullets

Blood Fades To Black (Intro) 1:12
I Wanna Be Cremated 4:05
Ghoul Of My Dreams 3:32
One Knife Stand 3:31
Calling All Corpses 2:32
Miss Morgue 3:39
Silver Bullets 4:20
Bad At Being Human 4:28
London After Midnight 3:53
Candle For The Devil 4:26
We All Die 3:31
Something Wicked This Way Comes 4:19
Blood Fades To Black (Reprise) (Outro) 1:00

Line-up: Wednesday 13, Roman Surman, Jack Tankersley, Jason "Shakes" West, Brent Clawson

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