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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins. at Michigan

Four years after his last win, Dale Earnhardt Jr. snaps his 143 race winless streak and parks the #88 in the same Victory Lane that happened to host his last victory. Is it coincidence that The Dark Knight Rises was on his car? Maybe, maybe not. I just know that Jr. has been very good this year and I believe that he is second in points. I'm hoping he has a few more wins in store this year and that he continues a strong run at a championship. But, more than anything, I hope it's not another four years before I can see him do a burnout.

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  1. I'm happy for Dale. This drought was becoming painful to watch. If it's someone unlikeable then it's fun to watch but you always hate to see the likeable ones go through it.