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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo Ekkusu)

It sounds like the name of some cheap sci-fi skin flick, but Mysterious Girlfriend X is actually a new anime based off a manga that came out in 2006 and is still in circulation. I've only seen three of the six episodes that have been listed on the Wikipedia page so I don't have much to review. Instead I'm just putting the name of the show out there because I think it is worth watching. The show is new and that means it is in Japanese (with English subtitles, of course) and only available online at certain sites. Crunchyroll, Hulu, and The Anime Network are three sites I know of where you can watch the show. I don't know when the American release date will be, but these things usually take a few years. 

This show is about this boy named Tsubaki and this girl named Urabe and the relationship they form. Tsubaki is a schoolboy and when he sees the new student Urabe, he is enchanted by her. Urabe is a peculiar girl, though. Almost alien. Of course, Tsubaki doesn't realize this at first. One day when he wakes her up after school she stares him in the face and he realizes that he must have her. But what will he do? She walks out of the classroom and Tsubaki is left all alone with the drool that Urabe had left on her desk. What he does next is quite cringe-inducing and creepy, but kind of sweet, too. He takes his finger and swabs it in her drool. Yup, you read that right. Then he sticks his drool-covered finger in his mouth and sucks on it. You read that right, too. 

Over the next few days he becomes ill. Very ill. Urabe visits him at home and tells him that she knows why he is sick. She says that it is because he had some of her drool. I wonder if Sherlock Holmes would have deduced that. From that point on Tsubaki must have some of her drool everyday or else he will go into severe withdrawal and become very sick. And not only that, but Urabe can communicate with him through her drool and send him messages in his dreams. 

They become a couple, but Urabe is not like other girls and her idea of being in a couple is very peculiar. More than once Tsubaki finds himself overwhelmed and on the end of a sharp pair of pointy scissors that Urabe usually keeps hidden in her underwear. 

Urabe believes they are destined to be together because she heard voice tell her that Tsubaki would be her first intimate sexual partner. But she doesn't want to advance into a such a relationship quickly and Tsubaki just has to be happy with sucking drool off her finger after school in the meantime.

Another thing I should mention is that not just anyone reacts to Urabe's drool in such a fashion. That means there truly is something special about Tsubaki's relationship with Urabe and the drool they share. The drool serves a purpose. 

But if you find drool incredibly gross then this seriously is not for you because it is in every episode. The Japanese are a bit weird and this show takes some getting used to even if you don't throw up at the sight of drool, but I find Mysterious Girlfriend X to be funny as hell. 

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