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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The NFL teams from the Most Hated to the Colts

I could talk about stats and championships until I'm blue in the face, but this list isn't about that. This list is all about me and the amount of tolerance I have for some teams. The teams I hate most will be the bottom feeders, the teams I really don't care about will be somewhere in the middle, and the top will be reserved for teams I like/tolerate and teams I love. Now the reasoning behind a teams's ranked position is a bit skewed, I admit. I hate the Steelers and I ranked them higher in than the Saints, but I'd have to root for the Saints if they were playing each other in the Super Bowl. Not that I want the Saints to have another title ever again. Quite the contrary, in fact. I want Saints fans to wear bags on their heads for all eternity. In fact, I want them to pack their bags and go to the Canadian Football League. So why would I root for the Saints over the Steelers in the Super Bowl? Well, the Steelers already have too many Lombardi trophies, damn it. If the Steelers didn't already have a gazillion championships then I'd root for them over the Saints in a heartbeat.

But, for the purposes of this list, the Saints are ranked below the Steelers.

32. New England Patriots
31. New Orleans Saints 
30. Pittsburgh Steelers
29. New York Jets
28. Dallas Cowboys 
27. Philadelphia Eagles
26. Washington Redskins
25. San Diego Chargers
24. Houston Texans
23. Tennessee Titans
22. Jacksonville Jaguars
21. Oakland Raiders
20. Cincinnati Bengals
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

18. Minnesota Vikings
17. Carolina Panthers
16. Seattle Seahawks
15. Denver Broncos
14. Chicago Bears
13. Green Bay Packers
12. Kansas City Chiefs
11. San Francisco 49ers
10. Baltimore Ravens

09. Cleveland Browns
08. Buffalo Bills
07. Atlanta Falcons
06. St. Louis Rams
05. Arizona Cardinals

04. Detroit Lions
03. Miami Dolphins 

02. New York Giants
01. Indianapolis Colts

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  1. My number 32 is the NY Jets. I have long history of Jet hatred. The Dolphins / Jets rivalry has many painful memories (as well as some awesome ones like the Fish shutting out the Jets 14-0 in the AFC championship game in 1982). No matter how good The Dolphins have been and how bad The Jets have been, I could never look at the schedule and say, "That's an easy win." The Jets have had nobody running backs look like Emmitt Smith against them (Johnny Hector). There are disasters like Miami blowing a 37-13 4th quarter lead on Monday night football. In the 1987 strike year, the Dolphins missed the playoffs by one game. That year in the third week of the strike, the Dolphins played the Jets and the jets had crossed the picket line and their regular guys beat the Dolphin replacement players and kept the Dolphins out of the playoffs. I HATE THEM!!!!!