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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Big Day is here...

Tonight I will either be ecstatic or absolutely crestfallen and pissed off. I'm hoping I'm ecstatic. If Alabama can pull this off then all of the sufferings of 2011 will almost seem small. Undoubtedly, this game would be in the top five on my "win list," which I've been putting off compiling in the hopes that I can add this one to it.

If the Tide falls... then I guess I'll have another notch to put on my "loss list." I'll also probably wish that Louisiana could float off into the Gulf so I never would have to see them again. And if they could take Mississippi with them as well then that would be just dandy. Most of my mom's relatives live in Mississippi and they are Mississippi State fans... 

Anyway, this isn't just another chapter of Alabama/LSU. I hate losing to them in the regular season. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose to them twice in one season, once in the regular season and then again when the chips are down and everything is one the line. Oh, perish the thought. The Tide must win. It just can't end any other way...

So of course, I'm picking the Tide to win this game. I don't care how much they win it by, either. One point, a safety, a field goal (yeah, keep yer snarky comments to yerself, thank ya very much), or a touchdown. Just win. If they win and people want them to be "co-champions" then that's fine and dandy. As long as Alabama brings even a piece of that trophy home I'll be as right as rain. 

Roll Tide!!


  1. That was an awesome display by the defense. I don't think anyone will be still thinking about voting for LSU. Alabama still missed 2 FGs and an extra point so they should take a look at that kicking game for next season although 5 or 7 is not too bad. It's pretty impressive that they had 7 FG attempts and a touchdown (8 scoring opportunities). If they would have turned those into touchdowns, we would have had a 56-0 game (or maybe 53-0 if we allow for 3 missed extra points). It was an awesome display and there should be no doubt about number 1 now.

  2. Yeah, the Tide's defense played the best game it had all year. I didn't want to count LSU out at any point during the game because I figured they could come back at any time, but I guess I underestimated the Tide's defense. But LSU's defense did everything they possibly could to stop Alabama and it worked for a while. Had LSU's offense come to play I believe we would have had a game. Oh, well. I can live with a 21-0 shutout. XD At least we got one touchdown. I can live with that, too.