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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Loss List

  • 2007 Week 9 vs. Pats - It was the battle of two undefeated teams and the Colts came up short. I can't remember one specific play from this game. I just remember the fact that the Pats got by with an untarnished record and finished the season 16-0. Of course the Pats would lose the only game that really mattered, but the Colts should have been the first ones to beat the Pats and not the Giants. 
  • 2009 Week 16 vs. Jets - The Colts were up 15-10 when Jim Caldwell made the dumbest move a coach could possibly make. He rested the starters in the third quarter. I can understand resting the starters if the team is up by thirty-eight points with only a quarter of play left, but this was unforgivable. You don't rest your starters until you know you have a game in the bag. Thanks for screwing up the season, Jim. 
  • 2009 Week 17 at Buffalo - Ah, Jim. Sure Peyton Manning threw an interception, but he never got a chance to do anything else. Jim Caldwell must have thought the game wasn't tough enough with all of the snow and decided to get Painter in and throw away the game. I've never seen an uglier 14-2 in my life. It was a sign of more bad things to come. 
  • Super Bowl XLIV - I hate living this close to New Orleans. Everyone down here seems to be a fan of the Saints and it's sickening. And how everybody went on and on about the onside kick and the interception. Ugh, you'd think the Saints had never won anything before. Oh, wait... Well, I guess no one can stay a loser forever. Not even the Saints. 
  • 2010 Week 11 at Pats - Did I ever mention I have an intense dislike for the Patriots? The Colts were down 31-14, but they managed to close the gap to 31-28. Another Colts score could have won the game, but Manning's final pass was intercepted. 
  • 2010 Week 12 vs. Chargers - Manning was intercepted four times the Colts were trounced 36-14. 
  • 2010 Week 9 at Philly - Again an interception ended the game. I've never been an Eagles fan and I'll never be a Vick fan and this game was the worst of both worlds for me. Got to lose to both of them at the same time. What joy.
  • 2010 Week 10 vs. Cowboys - Manning got intercepted four times and lost the game in overtime by a score of 38-35. The Cowboys were horrible last year and what makes things even worse was the fact that Jon Kitna was the guy to lead the Cowboys to victory. Jon Kitna! Are you kidding me? We went to overtime with Jon Kitna and lost? 
  • 2010 AFC Wild Card vs. Jets - Well, the Colts were up 16-14 with less than a minute to go and Jim Caldwell decided to let the Jets get themselves together by calling a timeout instead of letting the Jets call their own timeout. What a kind person you are, Jim. Just a kind man and a real sport about things. Who cares who wins? It's not like the games really matters. It's only the playoffs... It's not like the entire season hinges on this one game and that if you lose it's over... 
The chances are pretty high that if Peyton Manning think's it's a bad call than it's a damn bad call.
  • 2011 Week 7 at Saints - 62-7. It takes a special kind of suck to lose a game by that much and that kind of suck is called the "Suck 4 Luck." Did I mention Jim Caldwell was the coach in this game, too?  Funny how often he appears on this list...
  • Any other loss from 2011 - They pretty much dissolve into one another after a while...
  • The Miracle at the New Meadowlands - My second favorite team is the Giants and I've already said that I hate the Eagles and Michael Vick. The Eagles scored four unanswered touchdowns in the final seven minutes of the game and won it 38-31.

  • Iron Bowl 2010 - We gave up 24 points to Cam Newton and the Tigers. We were 9-2 at this point so we were screwed out of the National Championship, but we were hoping to do the same to them. Of course we failed miserably. And this game caused the Harvey Updyke tree-poisoning thing which is another really pleasant memory. 
  • Bama-LSU 2010 - LSU scored 14 points in the fourth quarter. Bama responded with a touchdown of their own, but the defense couldn't get a stop and LSU got away with a win.
  • Bama-South Carolina 2010 - Our first loss of the season and the one that put the kibosh on our National Championship hopes.
  • Bama-LSU 2011 - Damn kickers. I don't hate Cade Foster, but I do hate the fact that if any college is capable of finding a kicker that can make a fifty-yarder than it's Alabama. That's just pathetic. Bama should have won that game going away, but it didn't happen. 
  • 2008 SEC Championship vs. Florida- Probably the reason why I could care less if Tim Tebow has a successful NFL career. 
  • 2009 Sugar Bowl vs. Utah - The Tide were completely manhandled in this one. 

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  1. Good list, I remember many of those. I'll start work on my list. My list is going to be like a historical document. Funny thing is when you mentioned doing this, my number one popped into my head without any hesitation. It's really amazing how easy coming up with number one was considering how many crushing losses I've been through. I'm going to have to do some serious thinking and editing to keep my list a reasonable length since it's going to span 40 years. I was 10 when I started watching football with great interest and my fragile, eggshell 10 year old mind suffered a crushing loss right off the bat with The Dolphins falling to the Cowboys in Superbowl VI. I've had so many crushing defeats that I'm not sure that one is even going to make the list.