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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dragon Ball Vol. 9: Test of the All-Seeing Crone by Toriyama Akira

The Red Ribbon Army has been soundly defeated and to the shock of no one that knows that this series is longer than eight volumes. However, Goku's friends appear to not know that he's okay so they journey to Red Ribbon Army HQ with hopes of giving aid but the only thing they find is a quiet battleground where our favorite spikey-haired kid roams around free.

Of course, the narrative must go on as Master Toriyama still had to make his rent payment, but what story was there to tell next?

Surely, we remember that Upa's grandfather had been killed by the brutal Taopaipai and that Goku vowed to revive him. So that's where we start.

Only we all know it won't be so easy as the final dragon ball appears to have vanished completely off of the map. Not even Bulma's handy dandy dragon radar can find it.

It's at this time that Muten Roshi chooses to mention he has a sister that can divine the future and/or locate lost objects for them. The old Crone can even travel between this world and the afterlife.

Although Toriyama's storytelling style is such a joy it's sometimes frustrating for those of us that pay attention to detail. Think about all the big villains in future installments. If Uranai Baba could see the future then surely she'd know about things like the Saiyans and Cell and Majin Buu and stuff like that.

But since Toriyama didn't even know about that stuff when he wrote these chapters then neither did Uranai.

Uranai can find the dragon ball on her crystal ball, but she won't do it for free. Her condition is that they must fight in a tournament of her own and if they win then she will find the dragon ball. 

Kururin joined the L club immediately when he lost to a vampire guy that even Puar could defeat. Not to be outdone, Yamcha gets soundly defeated by a mummy-looking dude. 

So our hopes to find the last dragon ball fall to the hands of Son Goku as he must face the remaining fighters. 

Which, I mean, we all know how it turns out. Son Goku easily beats them all with the exception of the last mystery fighter. The last fighter is the only true challenge and almost beats Son Goku, but a bit of luck aids in Goku's last minute victory. 

And we get a nice sweet moment when Goku discovers that the mystery fighter is actually hiss deceased grandfather, Son Gohan.

With the tournament finished Uranai shows everyone the location of the dragon ball. 

It's moving in a car and headed toward their location. The vile Emperor Pilaf is at it again!

Anyway, that is this volume in a nutshell. I enjoyed this much more than the Red Ribbon stuff. Nice to get back to some fairly competitive fighting. 

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