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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Attack On Titan Vol. 17 by Isayama Hajime

Bet you didn't expect to see me this soon, huh? That's because I am back, baby. I know my blog has become a desolate wasteland where no one travels anymore, but I suppose I missed it more than anything so I decided to bury it in the pet sematary and wait for some magic to happen. There might be no one else here but me, but I shall enjoy myself. 

Well, let's get to this volume.

The 17th volume of Attack On Titan continues to give us some much-needed story and character development. And some titan action, too. 

The strangely formed "King Titan" that Rod Reiss transformed into wasn't exactly what I expected it to be, but it made up for in sheer size what it lacked in appearance. The fight between Eren and the King Titan was less of a fight and more of a... tactical battle. Since the King Titan was so ridiculously sluggish but incredibly huge it could not really fight like the Female Titan could. 

So Eren had to work with the Survey Corps to sneak attack the huge thing while the queen-to-be Historia Reiss actually was the one that managed to get the killing blow. 

The entire confrontation took up the first half of this volume while the second half tells two very different stories. 

The third chapter sends us into the past of Kenny Ackerman and it shows us how he met Levi and taught Levi. For those of us that are Levi fans that chapter is certainly a great present. Although we get to see how Kenny fell in with the Reiss family as well. 

I will say that all of this talk about bloodlines and who can or can't have their memories changed by the Reiss family over the last two volumes has not only gotten more and more strange, but also more tedious. I mean, it is neat to know, but at this point I want the Survey Corps to go ahead and get their inevitable battles with the Armored and Colossus Titans started. Or at least tell us more about Grisha and how he discovered everything.

The fourth and final chapter basically shows us the aftermath of the whole Reiss family spectacle and some of the innovations made since defeating the King Titan. It is a nice and calm chapter that hopefully foreshadows and oncoming storm. 

The best part of this whole volume is the very end where we finally get to see the man who is the Beast Titan. And boy, did it look like he put a hurting on the Armored Titan.

OMG.... (Do people still say that anymore?)

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