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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Punch Line

A spirit roaming around a small house populated by four girls has the ability to save the world... if he doesn't see a pair of panties. You see, what happens if he sees a pair of panties once is that he becomes a supercharged fighting spirit, but if he sees panties twice his spiritual powers become overloaded to the point where an apocalypse gets triggered. And you thought your puberty was hell, huh? 

Meet the untapped power of panties. 

 At first I wasn't sold on this concept. Yes, I watch some pretty ecchi stuff and enjoy it nine time out of ten, but the first half dozen episodes of this series just wasn't clicking with me. Since this series is only twelve episodes to begin with that really wasn't a good sign. I was ready to drop this series about halfway through episode six when it seemed that there might just be something here. 

The story is confusing during the first half (albeit purposefully so) and the comedy is more miss than hit at times as a whole, but it's the concept of time travel that saves this anime's bacon from obscurity. As far as tropes go, this one has it all: there's the spirit cat, the powerful transformations, the magical girl, the panties, the assassins, and the robot girl. 
It all seemed so close to being pointless until right when I was ready to give up on it. I even thought I knew the big plot twist as to just the the superhero in the red and blue suit was, And I did know, but that was only half the mystery. 

After episode six the series became infinitely more interesting and the earlier episodes seemed much more important. 

Iritatsu Yūta is our main character and we get to follow him as he becomes a spirit and realizes the danger posed by panties. Of course, the panties themselves won't destroy the world. (What I stated earlier was slightly misleading, but that's advertising for you.) It's the Qmay Group that will destroy the world using an asteroid and if Yūta sees panties too many times he'll be knocked unconscious and unable to stop that from happening. And since he is haunting a house that is home to four girls, avoiding panties is a much more daunting task than it might seem otherwise.

Of course, Yūta has failed many times to protect the world from the asteroid because of so many panties. And because of assassins and other stuff like that. But he always gets another chance to save the world because he can travel time since he is a spirit.

Once Yūta utilizes these powers more and his backstory and relationship to the primary antagonist and the magical girl are filled in the anime actually becomes something akin to "must-watch."

Unfortunately, it took half the series to click with me, but once it did it was a lot of fun. 

So, hey, if your Netflix is caught up and you want to see panties destroy the world then go for it. I'd recommend it. Just be patient. It's not the greatest thing ever, but it is a worthy moment from the Spring 2015 anime season. 

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