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Friday, July 3, 2015

Nisekoi (Season Two)

What. A. Disappointment. An entire season of filler. Granted, I have not read the manga so I cannot be sure, but other than the first four or five episodes I don't think the story advanced one damn bit. That qualifies as filler in my book.

Not that the first season really broke any molds with its story, but this time around we literally have no story and no resolution to the story being told in the first season. The locket that seemed to give everyone fits in the first season is barely mentioned. Whoever has the key to it is also not mentioned. The "false love" story between Chitoge and Raku is also barely mentioned. 

And yes, it is true that there is only so much that can be done with this story, but having a full season not even bothering to advance the story is just uncalled for. This isn't Naruto Shippuden. This is a harem anime, for Haruhi's sake! I don't exactly expect a swift and satisfying resolution with the harem or romance genre, but I was at least hoping for a reason to justify the need for a second season beyond keeping the Nisekoi name in the public eye. The first season left a few answers and the second season answered nothing. I don't quite get it. 

Sure, these episodes are watchable and even entertaining. But they are hollow, too. New characters are introduced, but they act more as distractions than contributions to the story. It's like the writers really didn't know what to do with them. I hope the manga isn't like this. 

Everyone is just worried about their own insecurities and no one does anything. Which is par for the course with this genre, but that also means that what was fun in the original is trite and redundant in the sequel. Chitoge discovered she loved Raku at the end of the first season and decided she wanted to get his attention, but no ground is covered in their relationship after that aside from a short arc at the beginning of this season. 

All of the girls get their own episodes which is great if you like certain characters over others, but this approach comes across to me as procrastination rather than characterization. Nothing gets accomplished. No one gets closer to Raku. Nothing gets resolved. The mystery of the locket and keys are still unresolved. 

So... I guess I'm waiting for the REAL season two to show up. This was a nice group of OVAs, but they are nothing more than that. 

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