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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crunchyroll's Premium & Premium+ Memberships

Crunchyroll is my favorite anime site. It isn't even really a close contest. You might have noticed a few widgets on this site trying to help spread the word. Crunchyroll streams many of the newest anime each season including the latest One Piece and Naruto Shippuden episodes. Of course, they have an excellent back catalog as well. 

I have watched many a fine anime there and purchased quite a few goods from their store, too. There's also a neat little forum. There's just so much stuff you can get lost in the goodness. They have Premium and Premium+ memberships and if you purchase one you get all sorts of sweet extras. All of the anime, drama, and manga can be experienced legally before almost anyone else. 

Remember: Pirates are only cool in anime. 

They can tell you about it better than I can, but if you are into anime and you want to support the genre then there's no better way than to sign up for Crunchyroll. There's apps for your phone, your Kindle, and your Roku. The Crunchy-love in inescapable. You can now become a full-fledged otaku like me. 


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