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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Goals

I suppose I should give the new year a bit of notice. I don't really care much about the division of years so much anymore because I believe that New Year's Eve in America is amateur night and the music they play at the time sucks. I don't see the point of going out and getting hammered when I have a bottle of Crown Royal and a pack of Dos Equis within easy reach.

And when did that happen? When did I develop a taste for the hard stuff? 2014 did indeed throw me some curveballs.

For whatever reason I make goals like just about everyone else.

One of the goals I made for 2014 was to see a concert and I did do that. I saw the North Mississippi Allstars with Lightnin' Malcolm on November 7th. That was awesome.

I saw some cool movies in the theaters this year and watched a ton of awesome anime. Of course, you can look at my other blog for the anime. 

Two really good albums were released this year and I own both of them. One of them was Slipknot's newest and you can find a review for that on this blog, but the other is AC/DC's Rock Or Bust which I got for Christmas. AC/DC, despite their incredible trials lately, still came out swinging and are going strong. Rock Or Bust kicks so much ass and puts a lot of bands that are forty years their junior to shame. 

On the business front, I got promoted twice in 2014. So that really caused my energy level to go down in a lot of ways with regards to how I spend my free time, but that's all part of the fun, I guess. And that is also one of the reasons why I find myself enjoying my Barq's Root Beer or Fanta Orange with a bit of Crown thrown in these days. Hopefully, the success keeps coming or else the amount of Crown to Fanta could vary. 

I got a car. My 2004 Honda Element. That was back in June. I don't drive it much unless it is to work or home, but it's an older car and I'm not much of a roadster anyway. 

Odd how my talk about drinking brought up the fact that I got a car, but I swear to drunk I don't drive while God. 

This year I also got a Samsung Galaxy III, improving upon my previous Galaxy Centura. Personally, I could give a fuck less about phones. They are just a high tech way for people from work to interrupt my anime anyway so I don't see the point in splurging three hundred bucks for one, but I did it anyway because I'm an idiot. Anyway, I'm not getting another phone this year if I can help it. 

I do want to get another TV this year, though. A Smart TV with a bigger screen and more HDMI inputs would be ideal. 

Maybe before this year is over I will get a twelve string guitar or maybe a Fender Strat. 

Mostly though, I just want to be a better person. I'm really not very socially driven or auspicious with these kinds of things so I try to keep my goals to a minimum and leave the more non-materialistic goals to the folks that are more comfortable with that kind of thing. I highly doubt I'll write any letters to vets or do things like I see online about people doing. I'm just not that type and I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be able to keep up my end of the conversation anyway. 

So I figure "be a better person" fits the bill of what I want to do without sounding like I'm talking with Dr. Phil. 

I also want to keep opening my mind and learning new things. I'd like to see more foreign films this year, not just Asian films. Although I'll keep seeing those, too. 

Hopefully, 2015 is good to me and everyone else. Maybe I'll have some success this year. Otherwise it's going to be a long one. 

Have a good one. 


  1. You should watch porn from other continents too , not just Asia.

    I got the AC/DC album and really like it too. There's a little swing to these songs. Brian Johnson in 67 years old and still sounds like he always did. The guy must have the most amazing vocal cords in history.

    As far as your TV, I'm a Sony guy when it comes to TV's. But I really like the Samsungs too and they are less money than the comparable Sonys. I think pound for pound, the Samsungs are the best value for a good quality TV.

    Anyway, Happy New Year!

    1. I do know that my Samsung phone is pretty awesome. I've discovered the joy of listening to my music collection on my phone. I transferred all of my iTunes catalog to Google Play and can listen to all of that in my car because it has a AUX port. And for about ten bucks a month I can listen to anything else on Google Play. If Samsung makes TVs the way they make phones then I'll certainly look into that.

      I do want to get a stereo system I can plug my phone into for when I'm at home, but I'm not to sure where to start with that.

  2. I bought two of these at Christmas (one for each niece) and they are awesome for just a single speaker. They are wireless and bluetooth so your phone should work (check and make sure first). I originally bought one that was a different brand before I saw that bose had some, so I bought the bose speakers to give to my nieces and kept the original one I bought for myself. The one I kept is horrible compared to the bose.

  3. BTW - My Best Buy had these on display where you can listen to them and work the buttons so if you want to look at one and hear one, try your best buy store.

    1. Best Buy is basically my go-to store for electronic doodads. Unfortunately, I won't be getting anything new like that for a while. Any time I go to Best Buy I always end up getting something and it's too soon after Christmas for that. :D