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Friday, August 15, 2014

Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi)

God bless Netflix. Not only do they have a decent selection of Asian (mostly Korean) movies to choose from, but they also have an anime selection. The only knock that I had really against Netflix was that they didn't have a very diverse selection of anime. Of course, you have to remember who I am and just how much anime I watch. I don't want to say that I've seen every anime on Netflix, but the ones I haven't seen yet I'm either not interested in seeing right now or I already own them.

Then enters the Netflix original series Knights of Sidonia. I had certainly heard of the title before because I knew Johnny Yong Bosch played the lead character of the English dub, but it never entered my list of stuff to watch. I mean, I have a huge list and I try not to add anything to it unless it comes highly recommended to me. And typically "highly recommended" means "Hey, Jacob, I watched an anime you haven't seen before." I will not stand for that. That's probably why my list of shit to watch is so huge.

At only twelve episodes, Knights of Sidonia is insanely short. Of course, there is a second season currently in production so there is a future for this awesome series. I really don't like comparing everything to Attack on Titan because that seems to be all the rage these days, but I think Knights of Sidonia could help satisfy that lack of adrenaline rush that the hiatus of Attack on Titan has caused.

For a little bit, at least. It's really, really short. However, Sidonia itself is quite large. Oddly phallic-looking, too. It's a giant rod that shoots little men out of one end... Yeah... 
Things are getting awkward now, aren't they?

Let's carry on...

Knights of Sidonia is a mecha anime that will do the genre proud. The animation certainly sets it apart, too. At first I wasn't too keen on it because it looked kinda video game-ish. I've always been more fond of the hand drawn look over the three dimensional computer-looking stuff.

Knights of Sidonia pulls it off, though. It's animation is consistent and the story is told so well you can't help but feel captivated by it. I mean, it's not the most original anime concept ever and it's not as compelling as Neon Genesis Evangelion, but it is probably a better told story. Does that make sense?

Knights of Sidonia isn't too heavy on the brain from the start, but it also isn't just lightweight fluff. There's some humor, plenty of action, and a bit of a love story or two involved, too. As I watched I got the feeling that we would be building and building to an awesome finale, but then I realized I was at the end of the twelfth episode and I couldn't believe how quickly the episodes had gone by. It's almost like a case of blue balls. 

Everyone seemed fairly realistic and that's not something I can really say about a lot of anime. The situations in the anime even came off as at least plausible. I liked that because the entire time I didn't have to worry much about suspension of disbelief. Often times I'll watch an anime and think, "This is pretty good, but it will never, ever happen!" Knights of Sidonia has a few interesting concepts, though. Genetic mutation leading to humans that can photosynthesise in the future? Hmmm... That's actually pretty neat. Not stuff you'd want to bank on happening in the future, but it sounds sciencey and futuristic. While I'm not sure if there'd be point to it happening (since I think that humans use more energy than sunlight could give them) I do like how the idea is used in the anime.

It gives us a chance to see boobies. Hooray for boobies! Anyway, I can't wait for the second season. Big robots, boobies, tentacled monsters.... Bring it on!

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