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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Celebrating 17,000 Views (?)

It's nothing really special, I guess. Plenty of blogs get hundreds of unique pageviews per day and I know quite a few of my views are from people trying to phish my site and other people trying to pimp their "penis enlargement" ideas. They are probably the same people, too. 

However, there are a few folks that stumble upon my site by honest means and actually take a look around before vanishing into the ether. The reason I started my blog was probably a silly one, I'll admit. I just wanted to post some stories and I posted half-assed reviews to kill some time. Nothing too complicated really. Just some fun. A lot of entries I made were needless and I went back and deleted them a couple months ago. One of them had over 800 views or some such insane number (for my blog, anyway), but I still deleted it because I didn't feel it was worthy of my blog anymore. 

I've tried to make it a habit to really keep this blog free of useless posts. Or what I consider to be a useless post, anyway. 

Pageviews really don't matter to me as much as visits. I'd like for more folks to interact with my blog and such, but I will take what I can get. I don't have any author interviews or voice actor interviews or anything cool like that. If I did... Well, that'd be pretty fucking cool. But I don't. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard because there are plenty of author folks floating around in cyberspace and some of them are bound to be insanely desperate (or just really nice), but I just can't think of any questions I'd like to ask. 

So there goes that idea. For now, anyway. 

Still, 17,000 views (excluding my own views and the views of a well-known phishing site) sounds impressive. I don't know if it is impressive considering how long my blog has been around or what, but I know I am getting more and more views and visits that aren't from spammers and such. Just about 40% of all of my page visits come from returning visitors and the duration of their visits has gone up little by little. Now I don't get a lot of daily visits or views, but I am getting more the more I blog. 

I am getting more readers. I'd like to get more active followers, but considering my site content and my half-assed approach I doubt that will happen anytime soon. 

I have been trying to streamline my content, though. I want to focus more on my strengths. That means focusing on what Jacob does best and what Jacob does best is nerdy shit. I don't want people selling me their penis enlargement pumps anymore. I want more discussion, baby. So I'm going to focus and try to see what's working and what isn't.

But more importantly, I'm going to write and post what I enjoy no matter what. And if all I ever get is a single page view from some spammer trying to sell me Asian porn then that's fine with me. I like Asian porn, too. So that works out. It's a joke, people. Just a joke. 

I'm nowhere near my goal of 5 million unique visitors per day, but Hell wasn't built in a day, either. These things take time. Okay, that isn't really my goal and I don't even think that it's mathematically possible, but it's just a number I threw out there for shits and giggles. 

Next time I want to celebrate 17,000 unique pageviews, bitches. 


  1. I had to look up Otaku and I think the word captures the spirit of the blog perfectly.

    1. I say thank ya. XD My tagline "Outside? Where you're going there is no outside..." is not only a play on Back to the Future, but it's also taken from the term "hikikomori." The term essentially means "shut-in." After graduation I spent four years of doing nothing other reading and staying in my room and I think I became well acquainted with that word.