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Friday, March 14, 2014

Attack On Titan Vol. 6 by Isayama Hajime

There's this old Motorhead song called The Chase is Better Than the Catch and I think that song's title fits this volume to a T. The subject matter is a bit different, though. And in a way this volume is like role reversal compared to the song. If you were familiar with both you might find my comparisons mildly amusing.

The one doing the chasing in this volume is the badass bitch female titan. She's leading a group of other titans into the heart of the Survey Corps. formation and her goal seems to be Eren Yeager. 

Eren is traveling with Captain Levi and a few of Levi's chosen subordinates. What we've been shown so far is that Levi isn't a weakling despite his diminutive stature and his still not quite fleshed out character. You would think it would be difficult for the female titan to take down Levi (or vice versa), but there really is no telling. The female titan is driven by some inner desire into the Titan Forest after Eren while the rest of the Survey Corps. climb into the trees to essentially act as distractions for any of the other titans roaming about. 

Once confronted with the female titan Eren must make a decision that he might or might not regret later. He can either choose to transform into a titan and go toe to toe with the female titan or he can trust in Captain Levi and the Survey Corps. and hope they can figure out something. As a fan, I know I wanted to see a titan brawl, but characterization is important, too.

I really liked Levi's speech at this moment. Levi flat-out admitted that he didn't know whether or not Eren should transform or not, but in this admission was a bit of damn good coaching. "The difference between our judgement and yours is experience, but you don't have to fall back on that so choose... Choose whatever you'll regret the least."

Then a flashback happens and Eren remembers something that helps him make a decision. 

I rather like the flashbacks that take place in this series. They generally always bring something a bit extra to the story. The bit about Eren using his titan powers to grab a spoon is a good example. I didn't quite understand it at first when I was watching the anime. Why show this at all? Well, it wasn't about Eren using his titan powers, exactly. The point of that story was how Eren affected his comrades. After reverting back from titan form the Survey Corps. members were shocked and threatened to kill Eren. 

But later on they admitted they were wrong to freak out and made amends by biting their hands. Essentially sharing Eren's pain as best as they could. 

Teamwork. Loyalty. Understanding. These are the values one learns when they choose not to rely on themselves so much. No matter how strong one becomes they are sometimes strongest when they are at their weakest. At that point sleeping powers almost always awaken. 

Attack on Titan isn't exactly a gimme, though. 

Eren chose to trust in the Survey Corps. and the female titan was captured in the end, but don't get too comfy. 

Remember that the chase is better than the catch. 

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