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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The 10 Best Anime in 2013

This was a fairly intimidating list to compile, I admit. That's one of the reasons I'm two months late in delivering it. Another reason is because I am about as lazy as I am busy. 

I more or less chose to cheat by including only the anime that were first time viewing for me during 2013. So no Tenchi Universe or Yu Yu Hakusho. Now before anyone says anything (assuming someone is actually reading this...) allow me to explain a bit. A few of these anime aren't from 2013 at all, but the title of this post should hopefully reinforce that point. These are anime that I saw in 2013 and not ones that necessarily debuted during 2013. Everybody does their "best of lists" differently and this is how I will do mine. 

With as many shows as I watched in 2013 I admit that my memory of the ones from earlier in the year are going to be a bit fuzzy. However, I believe that the first ones to come to mind are always the right ones. If I got to think about it then it mustn't be a sure-fire winner, right?

So this is my list. Period. I've reviewed them all on here before so I will include the links to those reviews in the titles of each respective show. Hopefully, you'll enjoy at least one of them if you haven't seen them. If you have seen one then feel free to tell me how terribly wrong I am and how terrible my taste is. 

07. Gungrave

Well, there we have it. I suppose my top few make me sound like a flavor of the month kind of guy, but I really did enjoy all of these. I'm kind of kicking myself for not including Darker Than Black or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (as well as a few others), but my list stands because I'm too tired and/or too stubborn to change it. 

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  1. assuming someone is actually reading this...)

    I read it, so you have at least one!