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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Queen's Blade 2: Successor to the Throne/The Evil Eye (Kuīnzu Bureido Gyokuza o Tsugumono)

Happy New Year, everyone! It's 2014! Amazing how time flies, huh? 

My first post of this year is about the second season of Queen's Blade. I had meant to finish the show and review it last year because my goal was to start the year off with a clean slate, but I just didn't have the energy to make a post after watching the final three episodes late last night. 

If you thought the first season of Queen's Blade (reviewed here) had a lot of fanservice then the second season will leave you with your mind blown. I think the moment that really got me was when the character Nyx was introduced alongside with her staff. You see, her staff is actually a tentacled demon lord named Funikura that bestows her with magical powers. The only downside is that Nyx's staff molests  rapes her frequently with, you guessed it, the tentacles on the staff. 

However, I rather liked Nyx's character once I got used to the whole tentacle rape thing. She's klutzy and hates Leina's sister Elina and that makes her okay in my book. Had she actually beaten Elina during their Queen's Blade match than that would have been just fine with me. It probably would have been the defining moment in the series.

In the last season Risty was Leina's rival/mentor, but in this season she turns to the dark side and becomes a servant of Queen Aldra. While I rather liked the uniform change that accompanied her trip to the dark side, I honestly don't know how everyone knew it was her by just looking. She looked like a completely different person and I don't care what anybody else says. I suppose I can only chalk it up to anime logic or something.

Speaking of the queen, this season we actually see the evil Queen Aldra and the... ummm, the metallic codpiece she happens to be sporting. She can call it a "secret cleaver" all she wants, but that motherfucker is a spiky penis, damn it. I mean, doesn't it make sense to have a "Hentacle" staff and a futanari in the same series? Or is that just me?

Overall, I did like the second season to Queen's Blade. Of course, there's still the OVA series Queen's Blade: Beautiful Fighters and the third season Queen's Blade Rebellion to get to, but it wouldn't have been too bad of a thing to end it after this show. Of course, I may revise that opinion once I see the others. 

One thing that really got on my nerves was the death of Shizuka, though. I can forgive the lack of Echidna in the second season (barely), but I can't forgive how contrived Shizuka's death felt. I know this story doesn't exactly have the strongest storyline around, but it always remained somewhat decent up until that point. Her dying at that point just made no sense. Anime logic at work again, I guess. 

Well, that's about all I have to say on this one. The ending is kind of predictable (hint: the bad guys *ahem* girls lose), but the journey was fairly fun. Airi's transformation into one of the good guys was particularly satisfying to watch. And I suppose I could say the same for Melona even though I wouldn't exactly call her a hero. She certainly did her best to defeat the queen, but she still shoots acid out of her nipples and I just can't trust anyone that can do that kind of thing. Well, maybe I can, but I certainly can't trust anyone with bunny ears. Nope, I draw the line there. 

As always, if you think this show is up your alley then it probably is. It's got boobs and fighting and more boobs... 

And still more boobs...

Yeah, it's got something for just about everybody. Just make sure you watch the first season before the second one and you'll be as good as gold. 

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