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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

For the past two years I have been posting about what I've gotten for Christmas. I'm not sure if this is a good habit or not, but it sure does help keep my memory straight. This year I didn't ask for any books because I already have Dr. Sleep and as well as a Kindle; I'd just feel silly asking for a physical book. 

Instead I asked for movies and clothing. I actually did sit down and make a list a stuff to help ease the burden of guesswork. Since I have so many movies, CD's, and anime (something I didn't bother asking for because I buy plenty of that myself), I suppose I can be very tough to buy for. 

However, my clothing is fairly simple and straightforward. I typically wear blue jeans (preferably dark blue) and a black shirt of some sort. In fact, I generally always wear at least something black. I suppose my "goth" phase is something I'll never quite shake. Now that my brother got me two pairs of Rude "skinny" jeans from Hot Topic I suppose I'll have to revive my old pair of "Frankenstein shoes" because my none of my other shoes would quite go with them. I also got a really good Black Sabbath shirt and another Slayer shirt. My old Black Sabbath shirt is a medium and doesn't fit so well, but this new one is large and it has a better design. 

I have been trying to expand my style a bit, though. Less goth-rocker-nerd and more casual hipster, I guess. 

My mom and dad got me three pairs of George pants (blue, khaki, black), a George shirt (red), three Faded Glory shirts (brown, blue, black), and two London Fog jackets (one tan, one black). My brother also got me a jacket, but this one was from Hot Topic and will match the "skinny" jeans and my Black Sabbath or Slayer shirt pretty well. I tried the "skinny" jeans on not too long ago and it was kind of weird. They fit, but they are like wearing stretchy jean tights. They are made up of 2% Spandex, though. Not really my style, but hey, I can wear 'em with confidence and style. They are kind of neat, though. Weird, but neat. I hope this doesn't trigger some horrible 80's Axl Rose hairspray phase on my part. Either way, I sure as hell hope they don't shrink during the washing. There's no room left for that. 

The London Fog jacket was something I wanted although I wasn't really expecting it. The one I have is a bit small and it was more or less bequeathed to me by a former next neighbor who died from lymphoma when I was much younger. So there's a lot of sentimental value with that old jacket. However, it's time to retire that jacket and the only way I could do it was to do so with another London Fog. I certainly wasn't expecting two of them and they don't quite replace my original, but they are pretty nice in their own right. 

I also got a multi-purpose knife, a pair of gloves I can wear when it's a little chilly, a Dove shampoo set, and six blu-rays (The Wolverine, Man of Steel, The Avengers, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, and Thor). 

Honestly, I got everything I asked for this year. It pays to make a list, right? 

The only things I didn't get were blu-rays of the first two Iron Man movies, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and a trench coat. But that's cool. I can do a little bit of post-Christmas shopping. I don't know about you, but I have always wanted a nice trench coat, but those things are understandably expensive. That could very well be on my next Christmas list, too. 

Perhaps the odd thing about this Christmas is how much shopping we all did at Belk, Dillard's, and J.C. Penney's. Kohl's, too. I know I went to J.C. Penney's twice, Kohl's twice (oddly enough I ended up not buying anything on both trips... unless you count digital purchasing on my Kindle from Amazon), two different Dillard's in two different counties, and Belk at least once. I am so "shopping mall-ed out" I can't remember if I got anything at Belk, though. I only bought one thing at Target and thankfully my account hasn't been hacked. Yet. Other than that I shopped online.

I got my brother an oilskin duster and a faux leather jacket (and we apparently live in a crazy universe where an oilskin duster is cheaper than a faux leather jacket). I also got my dad a faux leather jacket, too. The big gift for my mom (from me, at least) was The Bond 50 collection that included every single official Bond movie on blu-ray. That bad boy was one of my online purchases. 

All in all, we had a very good Christmas from a materialistic standpoint. We are also pretty happy in each other's company so I don't want to hear nothing about us being a bunch of materialistic heathens, either. 

P.S. - I also got a Pokey toy. This was a joke thing because I said I wanted a pony or a camel on my Christmas list. Because I wanted to give everyone a goal to reach. Me and my big mouth. But I got some Pez with Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and Hulk dispensers so I think that makes up for Pokey. I just wish I hadn't been told to open the Pokey toy last. 

Anyway, I hope you all got what you wanted. ;)

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  1. Skinny jeans don't sound comfortable. I've graduated to relaxed fit, XD. Brett Favre pants.

    One gift from my sister was a kit to make cheese with. She got me a kit for beer making a couple years ago and I enjoyed that. Of course, it's a hell of a lot easier to just go to the store and buy beer but the process is fascinating and fun. So I did that a few times and got some pretty decent batches. So now I'm going to try cheese. I'm not sure about making something that I have to introduce bacteria into. If you don't here from me again, I probably croaked from bad cheese.