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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dog & Scissors (Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō)

I don't particularly care for the English title of this anime. Dog & Scissors. How very unimaginative. Every Dog Has His Day is a much better title. More accurate, too. 

Anyway, I don't particularly care for this anime as much as I wish I did. I am not saying I didn't reasonably enjoy this show, but there were other turns the plot could have taken that could have made the story much more interesting. 

I'm very particular about the comedies I watch. I love off the wall zany stuff as long as there's a story there somewhere. Unless the comedy is just so outrageous and mind-boggling (much like a Monty Python skit) that it simply defies logic and explanation. In which case anything that resembles a story would actually be a distraction. 

But I typically prefer shows that are less comedy and more story. I'm the same with movies and books, too. If you were to look at the ratio of dramas to comedies in my movie collection or the ratio of suspense/horror to comedies in my book collection then you would think I had almost no sense of humor at all. 

I do have a sense of humor, though. Honest. And no, I don't laugh at pictures of dead babies on the internet. I may be evil, but I'm not that evil. I prefer deadpan humor that's so dry and sarcastic that it could make a desert grateful for its amount of rainfall. Add just a little bit of zaniness and legitimate drama and there's a comedy I could relish over and over again. 

That being said, Dog & Scissors (or InuHasa, as it is also called) didn't really tickle my funny bone as much I would have liked. It's certainly zany, but the way the show is delivered just doesn't quite live up to the initial premise.

Harumi Kazuhito is a fanatic book reader and one day he is killed in a robbery while trying to protect a total stranger. 

However, his love of books and his yearning to read the next book by his favorite author brings him back to life. (Why can't this be same for all of us?) The only problem is that he has come back as a dachshund dog and not an ordinary human. (Okay, now I don't want it to be the same... Can you imagine having to lick your own balls?)

Once back to life he is adopted by a girl in black leather named Natsuno Kirihime. Kirihime happens to be the person he tried to save from getting shot during the robbery, but she is also Kazuhito's favorite author. Talk about your coincidences! But she's also a sadist who loves to use scissors as a form of torture and someone who can read Kazuhito's thoughts. 

Living together now and master and pet, Kirihime soon develops a crush on Kazuhito and this only makes things more interesting because Kazuhito is a dog. Kazuhito is naturally a smartass and his quips about Kirihime's small breasts often resulted Kirihime taking a pair of scissors after him and cutting his hair off. 

I kind of wish Kazuhito could have been transformed back into a human at some point because then Kazuhito wouldn't have been so blatantly reliant on someone who is obviously a bit twisted. It would certainly make for a much more interesting twist if Kirihime could no longer abuse him or read his mind. 

As it is this show doesn't really need a lot of explaining or even reasoning. It's just goofball randomness once you get beyond the first two episode where Kazuhito's killer is confronted with help from Kirihime. It gets old after a while and if there's another season I would like to see a different direction taken (maybe make it into a harem!), but at twelve episodes this isn't too bad. 

Please remember that I watched each episode as it premiered so that means it took three months to watch all twelve episodes of this show. Maybe if I watch it all in two days I'll like it more. Who knows. But I don't feel like doing that right now. I've got too much stuff on my plate already. 

Either way, InuHasa is still a better love story than Twilight or InuYasha

P.S. - This show is based off a series of light novels by Sarai Shunsuke and these novels only started being released in 2011. The light novel series is currently ongoing, too. So this might not be all for the anime series. We'll see. 

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