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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The TBR List of Jacobia

You know, I've yet to post a TBR list. I've posted about Amazon Wish List stuff, and books I've read, but not about books I haven't read yet.

It's time to correct that with a list!

Okay, this list is based solely on books I actually own and they are the ones that are absolute priority. Otherwise I couldn't even begin to know where to start. And these aren't in any particular order, btw.

The Late Night Horror Show by Bryan Smith
Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand
The Man with the Getaway Face by Richard Stark
Muerte Con Carne by Shane McKenzie
Thrall by Steven Shrewsbury
The Valley/The Invasion by William Meikle
Dark Melodies by William Meikle
Scattered Ashes by Scott Nicholson
Savage by Richard Laymon
The Diabolical Conspiracy by Bryan Smith
Grimm Awakening by Bryan Smith
Benjamin's Parasite by Jeff Strand
The Freakshow by Bryan Smith
Kayla Undead by Bryan Smith
Addicted to the Dead by Shane McKenzie
Dead City by Joe McKinney
Remorseless by Thomas Tessier
After Midnight by Richard Laymon
Come Out Tonight by Richard Laymon
Dreadful Tales by Richard Laymon
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
City Infernal by Edward Lee
A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene
The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King (I keep putting this one off because I feel like I'd have to do it the "proper way" by reading it within the context of the series and I just don't feel up to that at the moment. So while the book is a priority read... re-reading books I've already read isn't a priority to me at the moment. Talk about your catch-22, right?)

I should add that I constantly get books so a book could remain on my priority list for a year before I actually read it. I'm pathetic, I know.

Imagine how big my list would be if I included pretty much all of the other books I owned...


  1. First off, you do not need to reread Dark Tower 4 to get into a groove for DT8. This really isn't a spoiler because you will realize this very early in DT8, but DT8 is a book of Roland looking back and telling 2 pretty awesome tales to his ka-tet. I would classify this book as 2 stand alone novellas with a small story of the ka-tet to introduce and bridge the two novellas. The "Wind Through The Keyhole" novella is freaking magnificent. And that's all I will say except - READ IT. When I finished this book, I read 5, 6 and 7 right after it. I wasn't planning on doing that, it just happened.

    I have a huge TBR list but I will just mention some kindle ones. Amazon runs a kindle "daily deal" where they offer 4 books for $1 or $2. 99 percent of them, I don't want but there is a good one occasionally and I buy it and store it in my kindle. I have read a few of these but they are accumulating faster than I can read them. Here are some:

    I Am Legend - Matheson
    More Twisted 2 - Jeffery Deaver (short stories)
    Swan Song - McCammon (no - haven't read it)
    The works of HP Lovecraft
    Speed Dating With The Dead - Scott Nicholson
    The Harvest - Scott Nicholson
    The Home - Scott Nicholson
    Overkill - Steven Shrewsbury
    Spinetingler's Anthology
    Sucker's Portfollio - Kurt Vonnegut (posthumous collection of misc stuff)
    Gorilla Days (Pt 1) - Jacob T. Long (didn't get this on amazon but it is sitting unread on my kindle - I held off to see if part 2 was anytime soon but I think I'll just have to read part 1 and be happy with that. XD)

    1. Thrall is actually the prequel to Steven Shrewsbury's Overkill (and I do have both of them) and since I didn't consider sequels for my list either that's why Overkill isn't on there.

      Hehe, sorry about Gorilla Days, lol. It wasn't my intention to leave it unfinished and I still don't plan to leave it unfinished, but I guess Chauncer said the same thing, right? XD

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry, lol. That one kinda fell between the seats of my brain. I keep it right between my copies of Ryan Harding's Genital Grinder and J.F. Gonzalez's Survivor, though. So it's in good company. :)

      Consider it added to the list.

  3. I'm glad you told me Overkill was a sequel. I will take it off my list until I can read the other one. I really hate buying books of authors I'm not real familiar with and finding out the book is a sequel or part of a series. Every book that is part of a series should be clearly identified in big letters on the front, like Part 2 of 5 or something like that. I hate when I find out I read something out of sequence.

    All of SKs Dark Tower books had a title and then a subtitle of Dark Tower volume _. That's the way books in series should be done.

  4. I just crossed "Swan Song" off my list. I thought it was outstanding. It had many similarities to The Stand but there's nothing wrong with that. I love me a good post apocalyptic tale.

    I'm going to pick up "Joyland" today. I think that one is pretty short. After that one, it's on to Scattered Ashes (I already read one of the stories in that one).

    1. I have a good TBR list story for you. I had never read any Robert McCammon until Swan Song a few days ago. I liked it and started looking at other titles and realized that I have an unread copy of Usher's Passing somewhere (probably in a box). A friend of mine gave it to me after he read it. This had to be in the 80s! It is a paperback and the publishing date on the hardcover is 1984. I think it was a relatively new paperback release, so I have probably had this thing since 1986. I've got some boxes of old books around and I think I'll find it in a box. I'm going to try and read it before it turns 30. XD

    2. Never read McCammon until just recently? Wow. I really enjoyed Usher's Passing. Better get on the stick with that one. That was my third McCammon book. Let's see... I've got Bethany's Sin, The Night Boat, They Thirst, Usher's Passing, Mystery Walk, Swan Song, Boy's Life, Mine, and Gone South. I personally think the first three I mentioned are kinda shaky and McCammon himself wanted them to be put out of print. Of course, since the guy went on to write mega-books like Swan Song and Boy's Life it's pretty easy to write some of his earlier work off. It's actually been a while since I picked up a McCammon book. Perhaps I can work in Mine or Gone South (I just realized I haven't read those yet... Guess I forgot to put 'em on muh list) once I finally get finished with NOS4A2 (I'm almost done, though. Less than 200 pages to go).

      Lately, I really don't read a lot of real long epics like NOS4A2 because I just don't have time. So I only make exceptions for the ones I really, really want to read. The rest can wait until I have a different job that isn't so sucky and gives me a bit more breathing room between shifts. ;)