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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Official: I Am Quite Insane

I spent 47 bucks on a signed hardcover book by Jeff Strand, 40 bucks on a signed hardcover by Wrath James White, 40 bucks on a signed hardcover by Thomas Tessier, and yet another 40 bucks on a signed hardcover by Shane McKenzie... all within the past two weeks. $167 on four books within two weeks. God, someone should revoke my rights to spend money.

And I don't plan on reselling any of them at higher prices and gouging the shit out of people. I ain't that guy.

I know this moment of temporary insanity is brought on by the fact that I get bored way too easily and tend to look up shit on the internet, but as hard as I'm working I figure that a little indulgence can't hurt.

By the way, please help Dark Regions Press reach its goal of donating 1000 books:


  1. I'm buying Scattered Ashes by Scott Nicholson from Dark Regions

    I discovered Scott Nicholson because of my kindle. He sells cheap e-books on amazon (he self publishes a lot of his stuff so they are cheap). He always had good reviews so I tried a $3 e-book book and really liked him. I've read a couple more since. Scattered Ashes is a book of shorts. I am looking forward to it.

    1. I got two (soon to be three) Jeff Strand books and a William Meikle double-sided book from Dark Regions. I have never read Meikle before but I'm familiar with his name from Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, that'll be good.

      I plan on getting a Scott Nicholson book soon. I know I have a stand alone short or two by him on my PC Kindle, but it's been forever since I looked at it that I'm not even sure anymore what's on there.

      Might get that Scattered Ashes, though.