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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Planet Terror

I always like watching Quentin Tarantino getting killed and in this film he gets killed brutally. I know that's a spoiler, but I'll be damned if it isn't my favorite part of the whole movie. Not that I don't like Tarantino's directorial efforts, but there is just something about a guy who can't act having the nerve to be in so many movies made by his buddies. So when he gets offed I sort of give the same reaction I would to Tom Brady throwing an interception. Yes, the part where Tarantino's schlong melts off is almost just as good as a Brady Pick Six and they are essentially interchangeable, in my ever so humble opinion. 

Another death I enjoyed was Stacey Ann Ferguson's. I have no idea what she was even doing in this movie, but I found her appearance to be almost as annoying as her nickname (Fergie) and her performance in the 2011 Super Bowl halftime show.

But then she died and I found myself elevating this film to an almost mythic status. This is indeed the film I've been searching for. Now if someone can make a film where Britney Spears dies horribly. Of course, Hollywood did that for Paris Hilton so I guess the "pop star" dying doesn't always equate to "watchability." 

I applaud Robert Rodriguez for his ballsiness in that casting just as I applaud him for casting Lindsay Lohan in Machete. I don't care for them at all as musicians or even "actors," but for the man to cast them? That takes stones. 

One thing that sort of bugged me about the film was the intentionally scratchy look of the film, but it grew on me as I watched it. Of course, I have the "scratch free" copy on my blu-ray and I intend to watch eventually and see if it is really that different of a viewing experience.

I dare say that this is the only film I can think of that can "miss a reel" and essentially overlook any and all plot development during that time and still not miss a beat. We're watching and enjoying this movie because it's kick ass and not for the emotional depth of the plot. Like just about any other Rodriguez movie, we're watching for the bang and that's what this movie provides. 

P.S. - Rose McGowan looks freaking hot standing on a gun. 

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  1. One of the funniest scenes was the sex scene where you see Rose's wooden leg up in the air. This is a great flick. They really captured the feel of the old drive-in movie experience, missing reel and all. Deathproof is good but this one is better. I really have become a big Rodriguez fan. He has directed some excellent flicks.

    I've never seen this the way it was intended which is the drive-in double feature called Grindhouse (with Deathproof). The stand alone version is longer (and better I've heard) but I need to see the Grindhouse version with all of the trailers and intermissions and the other drive-in effects.