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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kill Whitey by Brian Keene

Larry Gibson is on the run from Russian mobster Zakhar "Whitey" Putin because he has run away with Sondra Belov, one of the mobster's strippers. Sondra is incredibly desperate to get away from Whitey and she begs Larry to kill Whitey. But there's just one problem: Whitey isn't easy to kill. In fact, Larry is about to find out just how much pain Whitey can take and still survive. The real question is whether or not Larry can survive the pain Whitey will dish back...

Brian Keene's Kill Whitey is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it's still a decent read. The first half of the book sets up how Larry meets Sondra and the second half details the lengths Whitey will go to in order to track the two of them down. 

It's a fun and short read. Not of one of Keene's best, but worth reading. 

Apparently, even the president has read it:

Okay, that's an insensitive and douchebag joke. Plus it's about five years old. I'm so unoriginal. Don't get pissy. 

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