Don't you just hate spoilers? I do, too. That's why I always try to include warnings. However, I sometimes ramble a bit too much here or there and maybe a few (or many) key plot points slip without me giving proper notice. So I'd like to include a blanket spoiler warning for the weary internet travelers of the world: Here There Be Spoilers. You've been warned.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I like a lot of old movies and I rarely see new ones. So I am generally the last person that will go and see a movie in theaters. That's probably why I was unaware of this film's existence until a few weeks ago. That and it's also because most of my friends have an obsession for godawful Disney films and don't like the films I like. I'm not the type to go to the theaters alone so even if I had been aware of this I probably still would not have seen it in theaters because I probably could not have found anyone to appreciate this fine film. So if I see new movies it's typically with my parents or my brother. I have no shame. 

Don't get me wrong, though. I've still got my anime collection, my book collection, and a collection of great films to take my mind off my problems (lack of friends, poor social skills, no luck with the fairer sex, a minuscule number of blog followers, my apparent failure to understand the importance of Harry Potter to American Literature and Cinema, etc.).

But that's all I need. Okay, so maybe I need this chair. And this TV remote control. And this ashtray. But that's all I need. 

Shades of The Jerk, anyone? I know you know this. 

Anyway, so it was for these reasons that I felt a certain kinship with Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), the main character of Zombieland. And the fact that I love Twinkies (or fatty and terribly unhealthy sponge cakes, in general) is the reason I felt a real kinship with the Woody Harrelson's insane character Tallahassee. Of course, if Tallahassee's true love had been for Tastykakes then this movie would easily top The Godfather as my favorite film of all time. 

This movie is great. I don't think I really could talk about it without making it sound slightly less awesome than it really is. So ignore everything I say and just watch the movie. 

Seriously, ignore what I just said and finish reading my review. 

Watch it. Even if you are sick of zombies this movie will have something for you. If the thought of seeing Bill Murray dress up like a zombie doesn't make you watch this movie then you just aren't human. 

Seriously (yep, I've used this word twice in three paragraphs), I did enjoy this movie and it does give hope to nerds like me everywhere. Well, I don't consider myself a nerd, but I do sound like one from time to time. I'm just one zombie apocalypse away from landing the smokin' hot babe of my dreams. So let's hurry up with Zombieland 2 before the real zombie apocalypse does happen. 


  1. I can't believe you missed this one for so long. I just kind of assumed you had seen it or I would have been shouting from the mountaintops (since I'm barely above sea level, an interstate overpass is the highest point I know of around here, so I would have shouted from there) for you to see it. I really loved this flick and Bill Murray practically stole the show with his brief appearance. The casting was perfect for this flick. I've seen Jesse in a few flicks and he is really good (mostly dramas). If you have the blu-ray of this, listen to the commentary track with Woody and Jesse - it's a funny commentary track. Jesse is a really funny guy when you see him in an interview. He has a great self depreciating sense of humor.

    Speaking of your lack of Harry Potter knowledge, few years ago, my mother was Christmas shopping for one of my nieces and she asked me if Harry Potter was appropriate for her age. I didn't even know what the hell she was talking about, I'd never heard of Harry Potter. When I told her I'd never heard of Harry Potter, she just looked at me with an unbelieving look and told me it was only the most popular book series in the history of mankind and that I was really out of touch XD. I told her, I'm not into popular, I'm into good stuff.

    1. I remember hearing this really ditzy and annoying girl I once knew talking about how great Superbad was. And I thought, "well, if she likes that movie then it can't be that good." When I initially saw the cover of the Zombieland Blu-ray and saw the quote "Superbad meets Shaun of the Dead," I actually wasn't really sure if I wanted to get it. Now I think I might have to watch this Superbad movie. If it's good I think I'll owe someone a mental apology. XD

      And this is the first Jesse Eisenberg film I've seen. So I might have to finally break down and watch The Social Network, too.

  2. Yes - you must see Superbad. It is hysterical. Jonah Hill is in it and he is always funny. Jonah is one of those guys that even if the movie sucks, it's still worth watching him. Like that babysitter movie he was in. The movie was pretty lame but it is still worth watching because Jonah is so funny in it. One that I thought I would hate that was really funny was 21 Jump Street. Jonah is freaking hilarious in that movie. Jesse movies I've seen:

    Social Network is very good.

    Adventureland is very good but it is more a romantic flick than a comedy despite what the trailers say. This is a movie everyone hated because the trailer was a lie. But if you go in knowing you are not going to see Superbad II, it's very good.

    The Hunting Party - good political/thriller type movie about journalists in a war zone

    The Education of Charlie Banks - can't remember much about it but I remember liking it (how's that for a review? Been a few years since I saw it)