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Friday, November 23, 2012

Good Morning, Black Friday

I purchased the first Christmas gift of the family this season late last night. I didn't go to a store or anything, either. I just clicked on Amazon and let the ole internet do the rest. I bought my dad a Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jersey (the orange one with blue stripes down the side) and it will go great with his Manning Colts jersey. I probably should get him a matching hat, too. I should also mention that the year we got him the Manning Colts jersey (and a matching Colts hat), Peyton won the Super Bowl. So let's hope this trend continues (if I don't get him the hat, things might turn out like '09 and wouldn't that just suck... must get a Broncos hat).

My own Christmas list is short one. I'm really not asking for stuff as much as I am just suggesting stuff. I've been through Christmases where me and my dad bought everything for everyone (including ourselves... and I admit it's easy to pick gifts for yourself when you know what you want) and a Christmas where we didn't even have gifts to open. But this'll be the first Christmas where I actually don't have to depend on my dad or brother for everything. So that's good. I can get them stuff without them having to pay for it. Always a plus.

I've already bought myself stuff over the course of the year that I've always wanted so I don't really have as much of a list as usual. I just sort of winged it this year.

Work today sucked big ones. I got three hours shaved off my shift because we were dead as hell and labor costs got way too high. So I went home at 4:30 with six hours on my time slip and absolute boredom in my brain. Three hours cut off my shift. Yay me.

No one bought anything. Surrounded on all sides by the mall, Best Buy, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, H.H. Gregg, Academy, and Marshall's and we didn't do a damn thing. We were less busy than usual. We sucked.

But I'm off tomorrow and I'll be watching the Iron Bowl and doing some Christmas stuff (decorating, purchasing stuff via Amazon) and I'll probably fit some anime in, too.

I hope you stayed safe today. Whatever shit you want to buy isn't worth your life. It can wait until tomorrow. Or better yet, buy online. I don't buy anything from an actual store unless it's groceries or something I just can't find anywhere else. Buying online takes less time, gas money, and there are no crowds. There's no traffic, either.

That's my advice for the day.

My Christmas list is a very short one (I said that earlier, didn't I?). As much as I love Dragonball Z, I've never had a shirt. I've had action figures (and still do somewhere, lol), posters, magazines, coloring books, VHS's, DVD's, and I've even got a Majin Buu keychain right now. But I've never had a shirt. So that's on my list. I also want something NY Giants related. A hat, shirt, something. I told my mom and dad that I'd prefer to not have something too blue because the Giants suck worse than a drunk Courtney Love when they wear blue. I also want John Carpenter's They Live on Blu-Ray. It's about time I get that one, right?

And I don't want an AC/DC shirt. I have five of those already while my only Black Sabbath shirt is a little too small. So if I get one more AC/DC shirt, I'll pull my hair out, lol.

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  1. I saw a cool shirt on the North Mississippi Allstars site that says "MORE WASHBOARD."

    You probably weren't busy yesterday because everyone was eating Turkey sandwiches.