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Monday, June 25, 2012

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone (A Review)

This doom trio by the name of Electric Wizard has released seven albums since they formed in 1993. Their third album was the landmark stoner, doom metal album that I am about to review, 2000's Dopethrone. Never heard of it? Well, I don't blame you. I hadn't even heard of it until a couple of days ago.

The line-up consisted of Jus Osborn on guitar and vocals, Tim Bagshaw on bass, and Mark Greening on drums. Since the release of this album Jus Osborn is the only member I mentioned that still remains. None of this info is really important to the review, but I like keeping up with line-up changes on every band.

Anyway, this album is heavy. Like Black Sabbath on steroids heavy. But there are quite a few spaced out moments that could fall under the category of progressive metal. So I suppose this progressive stoner metal. The album consists of eight (or nine) songs and about half of them approach the ten minute mark while three of them exceed it. 

The vocals on this album are quite manipulated, though. It sounds like Osborn is singing through a loudspeaker on every song. So that could be a slight turn-off. 

But on the whole I really like this album. 

Listen to it for free on Spotify if you want, but give it a try. 

Vinum Sabbathi 3:05
Funeralopolis 8:43
a) Weird Tales
b) Electric Frost
c) Golgotha
Altar of Melektaus 15:05
Barbarian 6:29
I, The Witchfinder Aka Las Torturas de la Inquisicion 11:04
The Hills Have Eyes 0:46
We Hate You 5:08
Dopethrone (10:55 on versions featuring Mind Transferral) 20:48
Mind Transferral (reissues only) 14:54

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