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Monday, January 30, 2012

Too soon, Missouri?

You know, I've never thought much of Missouri. In fact, I really thought that they never should've been allowed in the SEC. I would have preferred USF getting an invite from the SEC.

Now I don't mind some fun and games and I never miss an opportunity to make fun of my hated rivals. But I fight for my rivals too. Any team in the SEC can only be hated by fans of other teams in the SEC. Unless that team is Auburn, of course. That's our code. Yeah, it's snobby, but we SEC fans have very high standards.

But I don't consider Missouri part of the SEC yet. At least, I don't consider Missouri to be a respectable team in the SEC. I respect Kentucky more because at least they have a basketball team. I even respect Ole Miss and Tennessee more because I know they will be better than the future. Or at least Tennessee will be better in the future. Ole Miss is just... well, at least Ole Miss has been around for a while and they've won something. And Vandy is trying to pull itself up, too.

Anyway, so it's nice to know that Missouri "is knocking on the door" to getting forty points dropped on them by the likes of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and possibly even Kentucky and Florida.

Welcome to the SEC, Missouri! I look forward to watching my team kick your ass next year.

And I should say that some folks shouldn't rap. Especially if they are white.

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  1. I'm not a rapping expert but I think I am qualified enough to say that is really bad. If the Special Olympics has a rapping contest, I don't think this could qualify.