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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anthrax - Worship Music (2011)

Belladonna is back. Anthrax is back. No disrespect to John Bush, but I've always considered the Belladonna years as the quintessential Anthrax era. And no this isn't my inner-fanboy posting; I'm perfectly clear-headed.

While I wouldn't say this is better than the classic Anthrax discs (as the hosts of That Metal Show have said), this is easily the best Anthrax release since 1990's Persistence of Time.

While Fight 'em til You Can't is the first single it's probably one of the weakest on here. It's just another Anthrax song. Neither good nor bad. The In Flames-esque chorus (the "At the end of everything..." part) doesn't really help matters.

But the other songs generally make up for the few "un-special" songs there are. And by "few," I mean Hymn 1, Hymn 2, and the introduction to the album Worship.

But the songs that follow the filler are probably the best songs on the album: Earth on Hell, Judas Priest, and In the End. 

Of course the song Judas Priest has nothing to do with the metal band of the same name. But any song named for Judas Priest has to be killer. And this one is.

Certainly, In the End is one of the best on here. Anthrax have said that it's one of the best songs they've ever done. That's saying quite a lot and I wouldn't say the statement is inaccurate.

Then of course there are The Devil You Know and Crawl. These are two of my favorites. It's hard to choose favorites with Worship Music, but these are the ones that really stand out for me.

Also on the album is a Refused cover called New Noise which begin at 11:24 of the final track.

My rating: 8.9/10.0

Buy this.

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